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for All or Nothing

11/8/2015 c3 andria
loved this chapter and how her and ruby met so awesome cannot wait to read more
11/8/2015 c2 andria
good mother daughter moment no worries about the name mixup.
11/7/2015 c1 andria
I don't know if someone brought this up but is her brother named neal as well as her boyfriend? isn't that kinda weird. anywho I look forward to reading more
10/16/2015 c2 LaterSkater1
Love it already just wish the chapters are longer
9/12/2015 c1 4PotterGirl412
Aww this makes me so sad I love Mary and David aka Charming and Snow! Poor Emma... And ugh Katherine, I despise that creature. Okay, I guess it's not her fault that Regina put a curse on her to make her in love with a man who's heart belongs to someone else... but still! I really want to read more, I hope you update soon!
8/8/2015 c1 andria
one quick observation. do you still have her brother's name as neal as well as her boyfriend? one piece of feedback when you write more of this story and I really hope you do because I really enjoyed it try not to put everything in one big paragraph. split them up a little bit. other than that good job and I look forward to reading more

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