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12/4/2019 c6 Monshroud
Given how much "relaxing control", meditation, can grant one control, I Cassandra shouldn't really criticize the process, should she?

Granted, the idea of CASUAL magic, such as transfiguring spells and every day charms used for EVERYTHING from making things tidy, decorating, and even COOKING, etc, is still something relatively new to Thedas, and it's understandable that most "muggles" and even many Mages who grew up learning about the severe dangers of posession through spellcasting as sure to frown on it.

But as Teleportation, "Apparition", has been proven possible and OH so practical, I imagine more than a few might change their minds when they see the BEAUTY and genuine wonder and utility that Casual Magic can provide.
12/4/2019 c3 Monshroud
I can only imagine how Harry might react when he finds out he's being played by Fen'Harel himself.

Although I also imagine it would make things a bit awkward if the "Master of Death" were to use the Resurrection Stone to summon one of the long passed ancient elves by name, and said RECOGNIZED Solas...
7/23/2017 c10 3Ekatma
Oh. hope u update soon
7/3/2017 c10 11Wicken25
I love Cole can we have some Cole? I also love your interactions with Solas, i wonder if we can get him to go gay?
1/29/2017 c10 6TimeTravellingThestral
Great to read. Good job on these chapters. Very interesting. I look forward to more
12/12/2016 c10 draco7347
really love this story cant wait for new chapters
12/10/2016 c10 whrr.trudy
rofl the short at the end, ah that was priceless :)
Enjoyed the chapter!
12/3/2016 c10 65 Coloured Walker
A nice chapter, I look forward to more.
11/30/2016 c10 1darkscarletrose
Omg yes! You need to put one of these clips of what happened to his stuff at the end of every chapter! LOL, Legolas' poor grace and pride!
11/30/2016 c10 8TwistedFanatic
Happy to see you again! Really loving this story.

I'm very happy to see that you gave the Inquisitor some agency, which helps with her characterization. So many writers forget to give their main Inquisitor a backstory to interact with or use it to help in the story. I really hope we get to meet her clan or her husband. I think it would be awesome to show the Dalish in any positive light, something the game does not allow.

Regardless, all your characters feel real, with vulnerability and interaction between all the characters are the best gems. I'm excited to see the relationship between Dorian and Harry building a relationship. I'm loving the tentative relationship between Solas and Harry. I can't help but laugh whenever they interact.

I have a lot of questions, though. Will Zevran show up? Or what about Surana (Elf mage from DAO)? Will there be any effects from previous games or other DA media showing up? When will Harry meet Cole? Do the Inquisitor inner circle believe that Harry is immortal? If not, will there be a scene where they realize his power/nature? Is Varric writing a book with Harry as a character? Has Harry read any of his books?

I have so many more questions! But I'll try not to bombard you with them. Sorry for the long review. Can't wait to see more! :)
11/29/2016 c5 9Goodpie2
I don't actually understand what Harry is alluding to, about the selective memory. Other than that, I'm too tired to come up with feedback. Sorry.
11/28/2016 c10 skidney
Awesome chapter!
11/27/2016 c10 1orion0905
Well, that stinks, maybe he can provide some guidance to the Inquisitor on the dangers of being the big hero.

Heck they have tried to kill him so often in Tavinter as to be going out of style. Should be interesting since they have neither army to aid them while in the game you get the mages or Templars. How will having almost no support change things.
11/27/2016 c1 9Goodpie2
What if I read the prequel, but I've only barely played DA:I? How lost will I be?
11/27/2016 c10 21Byakugan789
Huh. I hadn't really thought about that. In the game even if you give them the finger, like, all the damn time, it's really still alot of 'of course I'll help you save the world'.
Speaking of which... do they actually need the Herald anymore? I'm pretty sure all of the problems post breach could be solved by expedient and excessive use of Liliana and her minions. There's the slight exception of the constant portals I suppose, but a trio of Avaar, Rivaini and/or tevinter magisters keeping watch on them and ablating the demons into plants and animals would be a half-decent substitute. Everything else can be stopped before it goes critical by assassinating a bunch of people before they go critical (mostly tevinters) and then having Solas, Morrigan, her mother and son, go kill the lyrium dragon and then axe corypheous while he's stunned. It's not impossible. It's really no more improbable than the Herald actually succeeding. Like many game plots, you win because of a perfect storm of circumstances.

Regardless, it's good to see this story being re-continued.
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