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10/23/2023 c8 iampennylane
Congratulations on a fantastic first fanfic! And since I am new to this site, I am thrilled that you have already written more stories.

I wish you had written script for the show. I hated that mess with Gina & Demming. Yours is soooo much better. Satisfying is the word I would use to describe it.

Thank you for your time and effort in writing this wonderful story.
10/23/2023 c7 iampennylane
I must say I think I like your Castle much better than the show! And brava for that decisive move to fire Gina! It never made sense to me that she remained his publisher for all those years.

Loving your story. Well done.
10/23/2023 c5 iampennylane
Really good job with this story. Keep writing. I appreciate your efforts and your time.

I know it's after the fact; but thanks for calling out the appalling comments made by some people on this site. That should not be allow.
10/23/2023 c1 iampennylane
You know, that Demming might not have been too bad afterall!

Great start. I am hooked already. Can't wait to read the rest of the your intriguing tale. Thank you for writing and sharing.
9/3/2019 c1 castle2126
First. If you put a story on internet and people read your story and you asked for review you gotta have both types of review, people have opinion and you can't bear them them just tell the story to your friends don't post them if you don't wanna hear others opinion. And second I am not with those whose just attack on personal level to the writers you wrote and put it on the internet very brave.
Third as for the story it was never Castle's fault, why? Let's see, just don't consider anything for a moment who hurts who and who rub it on someone's face. When Castle asked Backett to Hamptons he didn't know that Backett was in relationship with her boy toy and so he asked her to come to Hamptons with him for a weekend just as friends. She rejected the invitation twice or thrice or more I wasn't counting and lied to him that she has work to do unlike writers who can work from anywhere they want and when Castle find out that she lied to him and then she told him she was in a relationship with and have a boyfriend whom she was planning a trip of her own. That's where she lost the lost the right to string anyone as a fallout guy. So when Castle asked Gina about going to Hamptons Backett said no he had every right to move on or at least try to move on so he is not at fault in this scenario as well as canon. So please grow the hell up and STOP blaming Castle for Backett's misadventures. If she was so wanted to go with castle why she needed Esposito to realize feelings about Castle and why Montgomery comment made her broke up with her boy toy why not wake up before it's too late.
3/18/2017 c4 southerngrammy
I think Rick was more to blame for the way things ended S2. I think Kate was attracted to Rick from their first case together, but she could only see him as the playboy figure. As she got to know him, she started accepting her feelings for him but then he had the fling with Ellie Monroe and that just made her realize he would never change and she didn't want to be just a fling to him. I think that pushed her to going out with Demming. Castle's invitation to the Hamptons she thought was just to sleep with her. She turned him down so he not wanting to be alone all summer fell back to Gina. What a mess they could have avoided had they just talked things out. But I guess that's what kept the will they/won't they thing going on the show. Driving us all crazy.
3/17/2017 c8 1vjlee
This was a very nicely done Happily Ever After post-ep for the Season 2 finale A Deadly Game first fanfic from you - tying up unsettled details and ending this story while beginning their journey in the same elevator that began the tale - it is no wonder that Castle says "I think I really like elevator rides." after reading this I think that I might like them just a little more too. Thank you for sharing. ;)
3/13/2017 c7 vjlee
You've tied almost everything together in a very acceptable way - Caskett is happy and full of promise for an adult-interaction with a very satisfactory ending. ;)
3/13/2017 c6 vjlee
Glad our Caskett got together. ;)
3/9/2017 c5 vjlee
Well, Kate and Castle seem to be merging into Caskett at last. Glad to see that their talk was truthful and helped them to share their feelings and clear the air. ;)
3/8/2017 c4 vjlee
Gina has become a woman scorned - not a good thing for anyone - but, Castle can't really be blamed for that as her reactions are on her. Glad to see that Gina will be off of Castle's go to need a date card. ;)

Kate doesn't appear to have all of the info that she needs to have in order to react in the most appropriate way to Castle when he calls her - working them through that should be interesting ... hmm ...? ;)
3/8/2017 c3 vjlee
Like they way you had Kate absorb and ponder the occurrences of her day and the history that came before them and, also, her reaffirmation that she and Tom were not a couple and would never be. ;)

Looking forward to what happens as she and Castle struggle their way through the mess they've made of things where they are concerned. ;)
3/8/2017 c2 vjlee
This is moving along quite nicely - Castle using his head instead of his mouth (which he should use another time and in another place;) anyway - thinking and not talking is always refreshing. ;)

Castle reaching out to Kate first is a nice touch. I like the way you write - your words flow well together and this plot is crisp and tight. Poor Demming getting himself in trouble defending Kate and in essence throwing Castle and Beckett into each other's arms, who knew he might become their matchmaker? Well, I guess you did, didn't you? ;)
3/8/2017 c1 vjlee
OK, I started this one a while ago but didn't review - probably hadn't joined FF yet.

Love the premise - I've always felt that Kate let Castle back too easily when Season 3 started so looking forward to see how this tale progresses. Love angst and drama and sex, though I do realize this is rated T - I'll give it a go and see where you go with their 'Deadly Game'. ;)
2/25/2017 c1 sigal5
Whatever be the reason, Demming smacking Castle is a no no for me..You may like that man but Gina snd Schlemming are in the same boat where Caskett is concerned.
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