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9/3/2015 c5 RoninBlackwing
I agree with you. The attacks I've seen on authors, especially authors how are actually good at writing a story have been entirely unacceptable. Maybe it was my lack of awareness of it but when I signed on to FFNet in 2012 it didn't seem to be as bad as it is now. Unfortunately on top of that I keep getting the feeling that this sort of behavior is limited to only a portion on the fandoms and sadly the Castle fandom seems to be one of the worst affected.
I don't understand that sort of behavior - if you're part of the fandom why are you attacking the authors. When I don't like a fic I will stop reading it, sometimes I might try reviewing and explaining to the author why they are losing me as a reader but never once have I sat down to write a review with the intent to hurtful or mean or anything else along those lines.
Sometime criticism has to be a little harsh when there are glaring issues at hand but a lot what I'm seeing these days is abuse for the sake of abuse with not even the attempt so appear like the reviewer cared about the story or that they even spared a few minutes to read it.
Even worse is that as far as I can tell FFNet's administration is turning a blind eye on all of this and instead of trying to address the problem they are effectively encouraging the perpetrators through their inaction. It's one of the reasons I will never publish anything on this site - I simply refuse to be attacked baselessly and have the people who should enforce some rules act like it didn't happen. I'd guess that we've lost more than a few promising authors to this kind of behavior.
So to all the authors that are experiencing these attacks I have this to say - I for one will keep reading your work and appreciating it, if I post a review it is because I have something to say that I believe might be of some use or because I was so happy with you work I just had to put out there. What I won't do is attack you on a personal level - that is something only cowards and useless people do.
Finally a small suggestion - it is my experience that when a review can be replied to such as it is the case on AO3 people are less likely to attempt such attacks in fear of the backlash that will drown their mailboxes in reprocess so I will encourage those of you facing this abuse to consider crossposting your work on that site. I am not affiliated with them and I am not asking anyone to jump ship, I am just sharing my personal experience from being registered there.
9/3/2015 c5 5Chris.JC
I am enjoying this story and am looking forward to the next few chapters.
Regarding your A/N I entirely agree with your comments and I feel that people who leave negative and abusive comments shouldn't hide behind anonymity, man up and register and make your comments in a way that a reply can be sent. Better yet try writing a story yourselves then see how you enjoy abusive comments.
9/3/2015 c5 Joana A
I'm loving this story! Please update soon :-)
9/3/2015 c5 castle1966
Great story
9/2/2015 c5 11stars90
Excellent work. Liked how they kept blindsiding each other in the conversation. And i hear you 100% about the abuse, although only one of those author names looks familiar.
9/2/2015 c5 2.0Always47
OMG so overwhelming chapter. Amazing. Don't leave us hanging here. Please; ) can't wait for more :) and that cliffhanger
9/2/2015 c5 Guest
If people don't like something they have the right to voice that opinion.

Here on fanfcition however, freedom of speech, doesn't seem to ring a bell. Writers here only want reviews that say how great the writer is. But if a person reads a chapter and just says he doesn't like it. Which is a normal opinion. Then the writer is mad and all the people call them haters. Please.

First of all, I hate the term haters. Seems to be a term used by teenage girls. Second, people do not have to write stories themselves to be allowed to have an opinion. You want to write so much and get reviews. Then accept all opinions and grow a pair.
9/2/2015 c5 ReapersRazor676
I really like this story so far and I personally don't think people should bad mouth any you don't like what they write don't read it .Thanks for this interesting take on the Season 2 finale.
9/2/2015 c5 debra.leon.10
I agree with you. If you don't like what you are reading don't read it. Not everyone has the same taste. Everyone does their best in their writing and I really enjoy what I read if I don't like it I quit reading it. And I would never abuse an author for what they have written. Thank you.
9/2/2015 c5 c.rogers7761
I really agree with your A/N2 AS my MOMMA used to say if you can't say anything NICE Don't say anything at all
9/2/2015 c5 3elvander72
We want more, we want more :-)
Great work, role on the next chapter.
9/2/2015 c5 18Sensaiman
I am in 1000% agreement with you about the haters. It has also been my experience that the haters have rarely or never written and submitted on this site.
A note to the haters: If you don't like a story stop reading it! It takes a lot of courage to submit to this site, Castle fans are a passionate if you are going to attack a writer have the courage to put your name on your filth. Many of these attacks are done by cowards who hide behind the title "Guest".
By the way I love this story and can't wait to see where yo go with it.
9/2/2015 c5 Guest
Of course it's unacceptable, but unfortunately when not face to face, idiots feel brave. I'm sure it's hard to ignore, but I'm glad all of you writers continue to do such amazing work. It keeps the Castle I fell in love with alive.
9/2/2015 c5 Madelynn one
I really hate to read that people are sending such horrible reviews to the writers of these stories. I enjoy reading them, and as you said, if I don't care for it, I won't read it. I think anyone who takes the effort and time to write a story and put it on the Internet is very brave. More power to you and I thank you for wait for more chapters.
9/2/2015 c5 Ari1216
I think the abuse is unacceptable and unnecessary. She's right if you don't like the damn book don't read it. In my honest opinion I think the book is amazing.
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