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6/22 c21 knightessjg
Hero is alive, and Legend quit the Protectorate but is still (presumably) alive...now I'm curious.
6/16 c21 AndrewWolfe
Bravo so far!
6/14 c21 drucifer000
Good story!
6/8 c20 ArachnidHiveMind
Loved this story, kinda sad we never (and probably won’t) got/get a bank scene. Can’t wait for an Endbringer fight. I’d also love if you made a giant AN or just an additional chapter explaining all the changes to canon you’ve made (and will make)
The little things don’t annoy me to much (Roadhog killing Skidmark and changing her name, or how Lung got Taylor’s shard, or Bakuda being some sort of Mech maker) but the bigger things (namely Hero being up and running and Legend leaving) catch me off guard and kinda weird, I don’t dislike them, but I would like an explanation
6/8 c21 ArachnidHiveMind
Eyyyyyyyyy Settlers of Catan is the boss
6/8 c21 ArachnidHiveMind
Hero’s alive? Legend quit? This is like some weird alternate dimension Worm verse
6/8 c20 ArachnidHiveMind
Mate if we do t get the Leviathan fight ima be sorely disappointed
6/8 c14 ArachnidHiveMind
The Bank scene is gonna be awesome
6/8 c13 ArachnidHiveMind
Oh I just realized (last chapter) that Taylor and Lungs powers switched
6/8 c12 ArachnidHiveMind
Oh it’s explained
6/8 c12 ArachnidHiveMind
Roadhog’s merchants? Inago’s ABB? You mean Squealer and Lung? Or Skidmark and Lung?
6/1 c21 guest 3
thanks for not abandoning the story.
5/24 c19 1SkyCaptain502
Please refresh my memory, it's been a few months since I read this story end to end. At the beginning of this chapter we read of a slight "off camera" deviation from canon with Mannequin's death at the hands of Cherish. My question is what happened to two sets of characters in Boston before the story starts: the Travellers and the two halves of Murder Rat?

If I recall correctly, someone said not to tell Mouse Protector about Wyvern, or she would be here in a flash. Presumably that means she's still alive. As for the Travellers, I think there was something different going on with the Coil situation, but I forget what.
5/19 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
Are you only able to make stories work by giving characters permanent idiot balls that they must hold?
5/17 c21 mst3ktoo
The Fedorable One makes an appearance... at least she sarc saved Danny. I have my doubts about ahead shot offing her.
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