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4/8 c10 2Rundivyn
I believe you forgot about shielder. But i also dont know how much older he is than Vicky so he couldve been left out because isnt old enough to be ‘responsible.’
3/6 c21 3Detsella Morningdew
Instantly recognized that game. Plus the expansion.

(My family likes board games)
2/9 c22 2V01dSw0rd
Rather than pull her in, the two should try ‘asking nicely’

Maybe Taylor could get them to be more helpful, possibly by putting L33t in touch with Dragon…
2/9 c20 V01dSw0rd
I feel like the way Taylor’s power is giving her new abilities has parallels to David’s powerset.
Just, you know, connected to shards that were properly deployed.
1/31 c1 17The Dark Warden
This will be the fifth time I have read through your story and I just now realized that Inago is your version of Lung. He and Taylor swapped powers and I didn't even realize it. I just thought Inago was a new character you created! I am such an oblivious fool!
1/20 c10 SLappYNano
i knew there was gonna be drama with the tags but man, this fic has soo much unneeded drama
1/7 c20 leebrough98us
I like your stories thos chapter os just bad
1/7 c20 leebrough98us
that gight was retarded. really now
1/7 c19 leebrough98us
They all gonna die terrible deaths
1/2 c24 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
1/4 c19 leebrough98us
just watch some Perry mason it should help a little
1/4 c18 leebrough98us
Here comes wyvern
1/4 c17 leebrough98us
Dumbledore definitely approves!
12/11/2023 c1 1Ultimatrix bearer
Yes Down with shadow stalker!

12/7/2023 c24 selthar
Just came across this story, read the whole thing so far within 2 days... really liked the Paranoia reference. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Ellisburg... with how it must haunt Piggot, she'll be pleased if and when it's wiped out. Maybe she'll actually mellow out a bit more, she seemed to do so at least a little after finding out Wyvern was willing to do the job.
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