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8/16/2021 c18 201Marcus Rowland
Uh oh... oh well, maybe they can call him Jack Flambe...
8/16/2021 c18 osterreicher97
Lol disbelieving Jack Slash. Then again, he probably heard about Lung before and just assumed it was people talking about him again probably.
8/16/2021 c18 2Jack Inqu
Sophia and Armsmaster are surprisingly similar in one regard in this story: they're both so wrapped up in their own worlds/opinions/viewpoints that they blind themselves to reality. Well, both of them have gotten at least some of what they deserve. At least Armsmaster is acting from (mostly) good intentions; Sophia is simply a sociopathic bully, who puts up a tough front but runs when the going gets tough.

Hmm, Jack Slash and Bonesaw: given how different some aspects of this universe are, I don't want to jump to conclusions about them just yet. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on them though.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
8/16/2021 c18 LordGrimstorm
Woot! Great update. Sophia went out appropriately. And now the Nine will get to figure out why decisions they make are quite often not in their best interests. Thanks for the chapter!
8/16/2021 c18 JanessaVR
Oh, dear. Of course a real live dragon is just waving catnip in front of Bonesaw; should have seen that coming.

I'm thrilled to see how this went down, but what I *really* want to see are the repercussions back at the PRT when Piggot gets filled in on all this.
8/16/2021 c18 7Leechblade
I'll admit that I was hoping for something a touch more dramaric for armsmaster's thrashing, but this was nice too.

Looking forward to Slaughter House getting schooled!
8/16/2021 c18 Blaze1992
Whelp glad to see both SS and AM got their plans wrecked.
8/16/2021 c18 1SkyCaptain502
Jack, Jack, Jack, you utter fool. You do not mettle in the affairs of dragons, for you are tasty and go well with ketchup.
8/16/2021 c18 Gabe2000
Oh go fuck off you over zealous Johnny Depp looking failure of a barber. But otherwise great chapter.
7/18/2021 c17 7Greyff
Well, that was lovely. i'm usually up for hijinks and this hasn't disappointed. Especially this last chapter. i might make a reference to this fic in The Worm Turns if you don't mind.
7/2/2021 c1 cc
Sorry, how exactly are you gonna delte comments here? Thats a mod only power, buster. Just ignore them.
6/16/2021 c17 Kraizy
Defiant can go fuck himself for all I care, I hope Taylor goes crunchies on SS legs to prevent her from escaping the same way she did with Inago.
6/1/2021 c13 Panda.k1ng
This fucker. Seems we’re getting Defiant real early.
5/27/2021 c17 Guest
Colin, you glory hound IDIOT!
5/28/2021 c17 someunchosenname
Wow, you're doing a fantastic job of making me hate Armsmaster and SS, such a good job that I had to leave a review out of respect. Enjoyable story, not something that I would read regularly, but it's interesting and evokes feelings.
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