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5/17 c16 mst3ktoo
will she pop claw? damn the cliffhooper, even taking the time to hit next is too long.
5/17 c15 mst3ktoo
Little nyvern bleed over
5/16 c12 mst3ktoo
Inagogotan interesting power
5/16 c9 mst3ktoo
0.0 she started as a baby? Thought she seemed too small. That's puppy growth of a massive creature
5/16 c8 mst3ktoo
Right up I there with Hold My Beer
5/13 c5 mst3ktoo
Your italics are bleeding
5/13 c4 mst3ktoo
he's probably got 3 spares
5/13 c3 mst3ktoo
Vicky is kinda a dick
5/1 c21 graystripe
You know, there is one way to check “wyvern” capabilities.

Just request her to go for blood test in her wyvern form then drew out her blood.

Then ask a scientist to do some research using her blood to find out more about her wyvern form.
5/2 c21 LordGrimstorm
I hadn't realized that I'd fallen a few chapters behind due to my phone no longer alerting me to chapter updates for , so I've had a bit of a fun reread to catch up again, and I've really enjoyed the ones I'd missed.

That said, I don't see Hero's "offer" as an "opportunity," as he and Taylor respectively referred to the situation as. He showed up basically to tell her that they would like her help, which is more of a request and not really beneficial to her at all. Sure, she might be able to survive an Endbringer fight more easily after they put her through some training, but those fights are voluntary, of course, and she's pretty damn hard to kill as is.

It comes across as if they (PRT/Protectorate) think they're doing her the favor in making this "offer" rather than that she'll be doing them and the world a favor by agreeing to help fight. And in some ways, it just feels like her agreeing to cooperate with being "poked and prodded" (which she's so far been against happening) because it's Hero asking and not Armsmaster, using the excuse that if they find out her limits then they can know where they should focus her training.

She's throwing them a bone when they don't deserve it, and they're acting like they're doing something super generous in asking her to go fight and potentially die, all because she might have the power to make some kind of difference.

I'm not against her volunteering to help when the fight comes, as is her right, but were I in her shoes I would have told him what he could do with his "offer." Tell him to phrase it as a request for help, and that maybe then I'd consider it.

As it stands, he reads to me as being a little too presumptuous and having the goal of Wyvern feeling indebted to them for throwing her into a rigorous training course, specifically on the condition that the now agreed upon power testing (which again, she'd been against submitting to up until now) proves that she is strong enough to be worthy of their time.

(I'll acknowledge that the power testing that Hero is suggesting is likely not to the same scale as what Armsmaster was suggesting doing, but it still feels like the Protectorate are getting their way here, and that is not a satisfying feeling. When someone has given their answer, it needs to be accepted. And Taylor said no multiple times to this, yet now seems to happily be going along with it.)

Anyway, thanks for the story and all the chapter/updates for it. I look forward to the next one, and hope that the attitude of the people she'll be working with is a little more palatable.
4/30 c21 2CMVreud
Taylor: Life was so much easier when people did the smart thing.
The next paragraph: Coil
Me: O-oh!
Elation: Madame Fedora appeared

You know... while it would be interesting to see where this goes further, it is also the best place to end this story. Because it had everything needed in a story. The Heroes Journey, The Band, the ups-and-downs of the 'what is happening' graph, the soul searching, the conflict and, most important, the catharsis, the release from all that.

So, wonderful story, but I stop here, because it can't get better.
4/30 c20 CMVreud
Each time she's under stress when she's using her powers, it … uh, it puts her through a mini-Trigger.


And I think she gets to keep all the previous iterations.

That makes Lung seem like beaten with the ugly stick of the lottery.
4/30 c19 CMVreud
Taylor: Life was definitely looking up.
Life: ... No.
4/30 c18 CMVreud
Oh f*** no.
4/30 c17 CMVreud
Congrats are in order. You made Armsmaster nearly totally insufferable.
Also congrats on making Coil a smug little as*****.
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