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4/30 c14 2CMVreud
Ah, yes, the so called 'Greater Good'. Doing mighty fine on that 'greater' thing. And that 'good' thing.
4/30 c13 CMVreud
"See, Armsmaster was being a dick …"
I bet there are many shared stories that begin so, like 'Lemme tell ya a story'.' or 'Mah granpappy always said'.
4/30 c12 CMVreud
Wing over her eyes, I dub thee 'The Wyvern Maneuver'.
4/30 c11 CMVreud
Ah, yes. The butterfly wings.
4/30 c10 CMVreud
I am really not amused by the lack of 'I destroyed my glasses and this has consequences'.
Stuff costs money.
4/30 c9 CMVreud
Even if I'd liked Amy more in the role of 'dragon whisperer' Vicky takes to that role pretty good.
And perhaps, just perhaps, she develops some sort of responsibility beyond 'Berserk Brick' and 'Collateral Damage Barbie'.
4/29 c6 CMVreud
Could someone please slap Vicky?
4/29 c5 CMVreud
Finally someone told them that she's a fkking WYVERN!
4/29 c4 CMVreud
I think that's a pretty impressive and definite 'No'.
4/27 c6 2Weyard
Rereading this and as much as I enjoy it, Armsie being a dick straight out the gate and then further antagonizing New Wave and the new cape seems [I]very[/I] out of character for him even with his difficulty interacting with others not named Dragon.
4/20 c21 8Quathis
Had to re-read the story to remember the finer points, but it was an enjoyable read. The talk between Piggot and Assault showed how serious he can get in an office setting. Now I'm wondering how the angry Director will internalize that for later. The court scene was a smooth as could be hoped for. The others picking up the pieces of the pride and plans after seeing Wyvern take out the Nine was interesting and nice foreshadowing for later when Hero showed up. Looking forward to just how that training goes. Until next time.
4/20 c21 AnthonyR89
ironically, I've been reading Darth Marr's Enter the Wyrm, a much more comedic take on Taylor becomes a dragon and checked to see if I missed an update on this one a couple of days ago.
4/19 c21 TheUnknowableOne
So in this timeline Hero didn't get squished by Behemoth? Would have appreciated a warning about that major divergence from the canon timeline.
4/19 c21 animusand
Epic training montage? What would be the music?
4/19 c21 Kitsune Obsessed Freak
Oh man. Loved it. When that game was first mentioned in this chapter I was like "Oh! Ffs played that game!" lol
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