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4/18 c21 MagniThorsen
Damn, I'd forgotten about this fic, but it's good to see it hasn't died a terrible death. That would have been a shame; this is an excellent story.
4/18 c20 whoisthelain
This just might be my 2nd favorite fun S9 stomp ever. Dr Dire wiping out the nine while sitting down and eating a pudding cup is still my fav, but damn this is a close second.
4/16 c21 Guest
Didn't Kaiser kill that guy
4/16 c21 Guest
4/17 c21 Blaze1992
AT least this time no one is shooting themselves in the foot reacting to taylor's moves.
4/17 c21 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
4/17 c21 16zigmas
Ah, Ack's own Taylor Varga - now with 234% more DRAGON, loool!
I only wish it was less AU, because it's still a bit too confusing at times.
4/17 c21 3RedOuroboros
great chapter, and Settlers good game :)
4/17 c14 RedOuroboros
Yep Armsy is a dick, loved Defiant by Colin is pretty bad even in canon
4/17 c21 traveller42
Thank you for the update. It's a great story. I'm re-reading it from the beginning.
4/17 c21 Sable Dawn
I almost want to see lungs reaction Wyverns forms.
4/16 c21 1dreaddragonknight
What a fun chapter of people reacting to the MCs crazy bullshit... glorious.

Also I love it when writers use Assault's Madcap days in interesting or cool ways, too many people seem to forget that part of his backstory.
4/16 c21 cameron1812
As a huge Catan fan (my sons always beat me but it's always fun to see how), I approve of this chapter, and the court case, and Hero, and Danny and Alan's quasi-burning of the hatchet, etc... Very good times. Thank you!
4/16 c21 Armiture
Wow, I had no idea that Taylor's wyvern form had gotten that large. Shame that Piggot doesn't believe in leaving sleeping dragons lie. I hope she doesn't get eaten; Taylor is sure to get indigestion from her.

I had forgotten that Hero was alive in this AU or had it not been mentioned yet? In any case, it looks like Hookwolf won the Triumvirate recruitment pool.

Thanks for the update.
4/16 c13 cameron1812
Such a great chapterHilarious!
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