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4/16 c21 cameron1812
As a huge Catan fan (my sons always beat me but it's always fun to see how), I approve of this chapter, and the court case, and Hero, and Danny and Alan's quasi-burning of the hatchet, etc... Very good times. Thank you!
4/16 c21 Armiture
Wow, I had no idea that Taylor's wyvern form had gotten that large. Shame that Piggot doesn't believe in leaving sleeping dragons lie. I hope she doesn't get eaten; Taylor is sure to get indigestion from her.

I had forgotten that Hero was alive in this AU or had it not been mentioned yet? In any case, it looks like Hookwolf won the Triumvirate recruitment pool.

Thanks for the update.
4/16 c13 cameron1812
Such a great chapterHilarious!
4/16 c21 9Kamiro G.S
Thank you for another chapter of the Amazing Draconic Taylor Girl
4/16 c21 cameron1812
Lol, Assault's takedown of Piggot is a pleasure to read! Really enjoying this story, which I am just coming back to, so thank you! Are you watching "Enter the Wyrm" by Darth Marrs? Some fun synergies! Thanks again!
4/16 c6 3RedOuroboros
funny :) looking forward to more
4/16 c21 Difdi
Actually, Alan can’t change Emma’s plea. Madison’s parents can’t change hers either. Emma and Madison have to do that. The first thing the judge will do after their lawyer tells him about the changed plea is to ask the girls if that’s what they want. He’ll ask them if they’re being coerced in any way, and even the tiniest sign they’re being coerced will cause that judge to reject the guilty plea.
4/16 c21 2Jack Inqu
I understand Emily's concerns, but 'precautions' based on what someone might do is a very slippery slope that leads to some very bad places. Hopefully she won't go too far, though that doesn't mean that someone else in the PRT won't (Tagg). Armsmaster, at least, seems to have finally gotten the message.

Makes sense that the Empire is discussing Wyvern and what to do about her. Fortunately, calmer and smarter heads have prevailed for now; again, that doesn't preclude some idiot trying to replicate what happened to Fleur and expect to be rewarded for it.

I hope the Barnes' do get help. I feel some measure of pity for Emma; at least some of her actions were trauma she never got help with, plus Sophia's toxic influence. I am curious as to what will become of Sophia now.

Heh heh heh: get blocked, Coil.

Taylor training with Hero, nice. Probably painful as well. :P

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
4/16 c5 3RedOuroboros
yep armsmater is a dick, man doesn't need to meet any new parahumans
4/16 c1 RedOuroboros
wow good start, saw the story looking forward to more
4/16 c21 15H Max Marius
Simurgh... leaves orbit... outward

Leviathan... Starts circling the antipodal point to wherever Taylor is... period.

Behemoth... just nope.

(Blatantly stole Levi's reaction from mp3.1415player... ;) )


This needs a 'shard bar' omake with the S-9's shards whining about how unfair it was they were forced to go up against Wyvern.
4/16 c21 1MrBogus
Isn't Hero dead? I am confused...
4/16 c21 Mugen-Muse
On the bright side, Taylor will have both power and training to aim at the Endbringers.
4/16 c21 21Duchess67
Wait, did Taylor just volunteer to have her butt kicked by the Triumvirate? *eyes boggled*
4/16 c21 10ultima-owner
Hero would jump at the chance to make his version of her breathe weapons
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