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4/16 c21 7Greyff
Time for a training montage? Possibly with Dragonforce's "Through the Fire And Flames" playing?
Since Wyvern ramps up and adapts to meet threats, would a defense be "negate extradimensional mass shunting" which would possibly be a double-edged sword in not allowing her to increase size beyond that but would also negate the Endbringer healing ability? Would the Simurgh see that as a potential future and nope out of there?
4/16 c21 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
4/16 c21 Celestia GF of the Void
Madcap laying down the law. Glad to see this getting an update. Was a good sort of closer to the S9 arc, and can't wait to see what is coming next. Contessa and Tats both telling Coil 'nope' was amusing. I am curious what is running through Ziz's head after Taylor basically turned into a primordial dragon briefly.
3/16 c20 21Duchess67
Holy CRAP! Oh my gosh, that was AWESOME! And gross as all get out, that she ATE Crawler! *gag, heave* Ugh! I loved her "badass lie" about it though. LOL

And now Taylor is going to be RICHER THAN HER WILDEST DREAMS! *chuckle* Right?

Um, is that idiot Eidolon going to get it into his head that he has to fight her? I'm really hoping NOT! Um, not holding out much hope, though. *sad sigh*

But this chapter was absolutely, unbelievably delightful! Thank you for resolving the cliffy before I got to this fic! LOL
3/16 c19 Duchess67
3/16 c18 Duchess67
*meep* I WAS breathing a sigh of relief, until the last snippet of this chapter. Holy crap, dude! You LOVE throwing characters to the not so proverbial wolves, don't you? Oh my gosh ... *whimper*
3/16 c17 Duchess67
*trying not to scream at this entire situation*
3/16 c16 Duchess67
Oh wow... I'm proud of Taylor for not going Wyvern so far. Hope she can keep that going!
3/16 c15 Duchess67
I am terrified that this was a HORRIBLE idea!
3/16 c14 Duchess67
Evil, if Armsmaster is doing that, he's totally EVIL!
3/16 c13 Duchess67
Armsmaster IS a dick, it's his default setting! Grrrrrr There needs to be a restraining order against him to stay AWAY from ANY newly triggered parahumans, but Taylor in particular. Calling him a dick is the nicest thing you can say about him! Okay, I like that he's friends with Dragon. IS he friends with Dragon in this fic? LOL
3/16 c12 Duchess67
D67 here
Oh my gosh, that fight scene was so intense! I was so worried, everything is different in this little universe you've created and it's so INTERESTING, too!

Um, ... Uh, is Taylor going to be able to grow as large as an Endbringer? Because I'm freaking out at the thought!
3/16 c11 Duchess67
Oh dear and this breaks the rules, too, unless one of the girls called their parents?
3/16 c10 Duchess67
Oh thank God, someone who can rein Vicky in, right? That girl NEEDS to learn the meaning of self control! She never even TRIES to control her impulses, does she? At least, not from anything I've seen. In her own way, she's sort of a bully, too, but her aura gets her out of things. Which is weird, because she's a bully with that dang aura of hers, too.
3/16 c9 Duchess67
*face palm*. I called it.

Wait, Taylor GREW?
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