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3/4/2017 c9 8CoffeePrincette
this was wonderful! please write more!
7/21/2016 c9 6BooksAreMedicine
Wow, I love how smart you have Ella being, with selling the eggs and milk to earn some money for herself. I remember reading a childhood story when I was younger that had a Cinderella who paid for her own ballgown and took the bus to the and met a cute nerd prince there. It was written in parallel with the real tale.
I like how you showed her many different interactions, to paint a tale of her life and how she is being shaped by her environment.
6/26/2016 c8 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, this was very original. I like how she found her father's grave, bit of closure.
I love how she talked to the prince without knowing who he was, always better that way.
The graveyard meeting was a new one...but why was he at that graveyard?
The Topher name fits with the new musical Cinderella version.

I enjoyed the character of Rosha, he seems pretty cool. I like how she is gathering up a network of friends, I have a feeling she will need them.

The healing heart part was so touching and sad but admirable.

How old is Ella now?
6/8/2016 c7 29AllisonReader
I love all the books, though Cinder is my favourite just because the further you get to the different books the more pov's there are but other wise they are absolutely brilliant and as you go or at the end you have to read all her short stories that fit into her world. My favourite of them is the little mermaid inspired one and its not the Disney version. Otherwise one of my favourite re-tellings is in a series called once upon a time, before midnight is the book its self, it takes the step family and puts a different twist on them. There are a whole bunch of fairy tales retold in the series and not all of them are written by the same author but they're all very interesting and there are stories from all different cultures. The other one I really enjoy is Just Ella. I really find your re-telling intriguing and I could see her step mom having set up her father for the treason. Sorry for this being so long it likely would have been better in a pm but too late for that now. Once I start talking favourite fairytale sit had to get me to stop.
6/8/2016 c7 SouthernBelle2000
OMG, love this. Can you do an couple more of these episodes than do when she met Kit and her life afterwards.
6/6/2016 c7 Guest
My favourite is the 2011 Italian mini series Cenerentola with Vanessa hessler
6/6/2016 c7 6BooksAreMedicine
Love the Little Princess references and the live action lines as well. I love how detailed you were with the tea and how each person wanted it. How does Ella take her tea?
I like how Ella continued to argue for a room, it shows spunk and courage. Her dream was so lovely too.
4/24/2016 c6 BooksAreMedicine
Whoa, very sneaky of the stepmother to get her to be a servant already. Poor Ella. I did enjoy the scene however, the bedroom crack was quite the insult. At least Ella has Bruno to love her.
3/16/2016 c5 BooksAreMedicine
Wow, did not see that plot twist coming. I like Mrs. Wollens a lot, I hope she stays around a bit longer at least. Ella's father was great here, very noble despite the hints of nefarious activity. I do hope we get the true story at some point. I love the father-daughter part in this scene, very moving.
Is there any chance we can get a prince interaction before the ball?
Or some scenes of Ella becoming a young lady, with each of things her father said at the end of chapter 2?
1/18/2016 c4 BooksAreMedicine
I love how Ella has other friends, I do hope you keep them in the story as she gets older...perhaps she can see them in town or even at the ball? Oh, her and an older Roger at the ball would be great fun (not romantically but great fun). I like the twist with the father being arrested, did not see that coming
1/18/2016 c2 BooksAreMedicine
His definition of what a lady is amazed me. It was so well put and explains a lot about Cinderella's behavior. If only more girls would hear that from their fathers
10/13/2015 c3 BooksAreMedicine
Oh, cool idea to show how she got the dog. I am glad her dad is still trying right now.
8/5/2015 c1 BooksAreMedicine
I love the bond between Ella and her father. It's nice to see that he is trying for a family.

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