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for The Angel He Chained To the Ground

11/21/2019 c2 82Graveygraves
So glad I have finally managed to find the time to read this, A very powerful two shot. I don't suppose you have carried on form this with the make up story?
4/22/2018 c2 1Alliecattie3
Jackpot! Beautiful storytelling! Penelope is all in now! No doubt this is just the start of a long road of recovery for Derek and their marriage! Enjoyed much!
Thank you for sharing!
8/16/2015 c2 2arses21
Looks like they are going to have to really fight to make their relationship work, with a long road ahead of them, but I hope they make it
8/13/2015 c2 1went
loved it!
8/9/2015 c2 tudee
Goodbye Eric! That was a touching moment with how Morgan confuses his feeling even though he was drunk and Penelope admits she still wanted him. She was just scared of how he acts without thinking.
8/9/2015 c2 12snoochie76
Please continue or do a sequel
8/9/2015 c2 crystalga
I loved it as well and the title loved it. :) On to the next fic...:)
8/9/2015 c2 178jenny crum
Yayyyyyyyyy our babies are going to work things out, bye byeee Eric
8/9/2015 c2 36ddgorgeous
What a beautiful love story! You are an amazing writer and this story so reminds us all why!
8/9/2015 c2 9FreelySheRoams
This was a great two shot! So much angst, I'm glad she chose Derek over that other guy!
8/9/2015 c1 36ddgorgeous
Oh...wow...this is amazing and sad all at the same time. I feel the emotion and I was immediately drawn in. Love it!
8/8/2015 c2 4latinaspice
Such a great story. Sad, yes... Sequel for a HEA?
8/8/2015 c2 37PolHop
They have a lot to work on but they will make it. he would never put himself in danger again in fear of losing his family all over again I'm sad it's over but glad you wrote it. Wonderful.
8/8/2015 c2 Kimd33
I'm glad she is giving him another chance.
8/7/2015 c1 12snoochie76
update pretty please
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