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for Legolas Thranduillion's 30-Day Character Transformation

6/16/2020 c12 El Droide
Oh my goodness, I love this fic! Please update soon! :)
11/10/2019 c12 Anthi35
Hi! It's been so long since you've updated. I just wanted to tell you that I love your story (best humour/parody fic ever) and I really hope you will continue it sometime, when you find time and inspiration.
7/12/2019 c12 4Laegwen
We summon thee, o Araloth the Random, to return to this hallowed place ere the sues gain back their glitter.
10/23/2018 c12 Anthi35
Please update soon,it's been so long.I really need you to continue.
10/23/2018 c10 upwiththebirds33
Not logged in sorry
Love this fic though! Éowyn is really funny too
Best: it was a good thing that Faramir son of Denethor was a patient man.
9/21/2018 c4 upwiththebirds33
Hey, I’m not logged in but this is hilarious! I’m really enjoying it!
Best: the end where Iridianna throws up all over Aragon’s shoes xD
7/25/2018 c12 48megSUPERFAN
LOL's galore! I love how Legolas is so annoyingly cheerful. :)

Please, oh please update!
7/25/2018 c11 megSUPERFAN
Ewww glitter... :)
Iridianna is ALMOST getting to be likeable! We'll see. :)
7/25/2018 c10 megSUPERFAN
Poor, poor you... losing all your fanfic! :( You have my condolences.

WOW, is Faramir ever patient! :O
7/25/2018 c9 megSUPERFAN
Gimli is just the sweetest thing... Love him! :D :D
And the whole Legolas Drama is getting slightly out of hand- anxious for more!
7/21/2018 c8 megSUPERFAN
"I am Movie Legolas." My hand literally flew to my mouth in surprise. AWESOME plot twist!
(I apologize for losing my sanity while reviewing this story.)
7/21/2018 c7 megSUPERFAN
Ooh a CLIFFHANGER! *squee* This is one of the greatest works of art I have ever read, and the funniest thing since "The Lord of the Onion Rings". XD
7/20/2018 c6 megSUPERFAN
*snort* the Lay of Bill-Galad! How EVER do you manage to be this amazing? :D Wonderful.
7/20/2018 c5 megSUPERFAN
Lol as usual! Some of the newcomers are really making me lose my mind... :) For an idea, how about a know-it-all Mary Sue who keeps dropping "spoilers"?
7/9/2018 c4 megSUPERFAN
I don't know what to say. I want to memorize this story, but fear that is a bit beyond my limits. :)

It's... I don't have words. I love it!
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