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3/16 c183 9zaubernuss
I'm almost lacking words for this. What an awesome ride! I admit I was reluctant at first to start is, as I was wondering: Now that he has the girl and they even married, what more is there to tell? Isn't the every-day-life of an established couple a bit boring to read about?

This, although entirely free of drama, jealousy or strikes of fate, was an absolutely awesome read. It was great last and not least because of the original characters you created: Simon and Mr. Manners, master of intrigue. I loved him so much! Georgiana and Eric - both very lovable as well. But all the others... and there were so many: Anne de Burgh, surprisingly headstrong and a feminist rebel. Hugo and Caitlin, Bob, Fanny, Ms. Annesley...

I totally fell in love with the world you created, and I wish there was fanfiction for fanfiction. 183 long chapters, and I'm almost crying now because it's over. How can I go on with this story ended, when I spent two weeks non-stop with all these lovable people for company? I feel bereft already!

And apart from meeting them and experiencing the regency world in detail, this was extremely well-written! My respect for writing such a monster, that was entertaining to the last page.

What do I do now?!
12/30/2021 c183 Ayla
What a lovely surprise to see a new update for this story after so long! It's as good as always :)
12/30/2021 c183 Jansfamily4
It was a delightful surprise to see your update. I do hope that we don't have to wait another year to find out how the trip goes. Thank you for sharing your story.
12/26/2021 c183 Christinebj
THANK YOU well done! I was soo happy to see yor post!

Thank you for sharing your talent
12/25/2021 c183 LoveInTheBattleField
Nice, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
12/25/2021 c183 Deanna27
Merry Christmas to you and yours, I have wondered many times over the past year how you were doing. thank you for sharing this chapter and catching us up with our friends. I wish you health and happiness throughout this holiday season and beyond.
11/1/2021 c182 Anonymous
I just want to say how much I love this work - it's like my comfort fic, what feels like home. I remember reading this while you were updating, and I would excitedly refresh day of to read the newest chapter. Even after, when you completed the main work, I would come back to read it - and be absolutely delighted when a new chapter came out. All the character are just so superbly written, so much drama but also excellent resolution, the servants are not forgotten about (!), and you give our characters flaws that make them more human. The only shame is that Eric Fielding isn't a real composer, for I would have loved to hear his compositions. I will say, I might love the second half even more - the everyday man is more interesting, after all. But in any case, this is just absolutely amazing work, and you should feel rightly proud of it! The best Pride and Prejudice work I've written - for it is worthy of being called a work in its own right. Thank you again, and I hope that you have continued writing, in whatever capacity it may be.
9/9/2021 c10 Kuwpp2
I don't understand why or how a servant (Simon) would or be allowed to kiss his mistress' hand. He's a servant. Nor do I understand why a valet or ladies maid is no longer needed after marriage. I'm also puzzled why Darcy would allow his sister, who isn't out, to dress and undress in front of a man, gay or not.
Simon sprawled out on the chair in front of the new mistress shows a bit of disrespect considering this is his first time meeting her. I believe the valet and the butler is in love with Darcy. Then, there's the servant, Bob, who is being bullied. Darcy witnesses the bullying, but I don't like the idea of Darcy leaving it to the servant Bob to decide what punishment should be enforced. Darcy is the master, make the call. Then there's Janine. The master/servant boundaries are suspect. I don't know. This chapter has me confused. I don't know what's going on at Darcy House.
9/8/2021 c3 Kuwpp2
It's nice to see Elizabeth's character being open and affectionate with Darcy, (even more so than Darcy.) A lot of stories show D&E relationship as one-sided with Darcy always pleasing Elizabeth. This Elizabeth is fun, not shy, and not afraid to express her love for her husband. She's also breaking him out of his shell in the process.
9/8/2021 c1 Kuwpp2
Haha. Elizabeth is a trip.
9/2/2021 c40 Edward'sDJ
I'm hoping for a bit more action
9/1/2021 c35 Edward'sDJ
A dark horse
9/1/2021 c31 Edward'sDJ
I wonder if Lydia will ever calm down?
8/31/2021 c29 Edward'sDJ
Nice to find some peace with Wickham
8/30/2021 c27 Edward'sDJ
Can we trust Miss Bingley?
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