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7/19 c11 SoothingMadness
I really enjoyed the original version of this story and your writing in general but this version has a large cast that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the main story and everyone became a bitchy nymphomaniacs.
6/16 c10 firemaster101
Haha oh xander
6/16 c8 firemaster101
Hub wasn't expecting sexy chapters but they are good. I'm really liking sexy willow reminds me of the the show the actress was in after buffy.
6/16 c2 firemaster101
Oooooooh now that is is a plot twist! Assuming she's the gran kid of Erik.
6/16 c1 firemaster101
Well im following this after the first chapter.
3/18/2019 c5 68KyliaQuilor
Probably is a good mood killer, you're right
1/3/2019 c1 Wednesday's Jest
The introduction of Kat McKee is very abrupt. She is included as if we are supposed to know who she is, but this is her first appearance. I'm not against adding OCs into the mix, but there needs to be some kind of groundwork in place for coherence if nothing else.

Also, Raven's voice comes off as a bit odd.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story.
11/10/2018 c11 Mark Adaar
I love this version of your story much better than Bluebelle.
2/11/2018 c11 Bubblezmith
As pleasing as all of your writing is to discover new Easter eggs.


I have recomended you too friends and it is very frustrating to
them at not being able to understand the references you make
when you constantly change your current work.

Please put the stories you had up previously on the sites back up.

Please put the original drafts back up.

Re-reading the stories i enjoyed years ago is a pleasure. Unless I
can't find them.

Your original piece of when Jean and Emma met Faith and they
went to a hockey game is still one of my favorites EVER!

And coincidentally is the first appearance of Rachel Grey-Frost.

Please Please Please put them back up.

And the stuff about the Runaways and Young Avengers, that was
also gold.
1/31/2018 c11 5Grizzmon
Ah yes, wasn't this pairing is a separate story?
12/25/2017 c1 5Kian Xki
i am in the first chapter and i already have a recomendation, take in mind that people are lazzy and those in Fanfiction must be lasier than most to be here in the first place

therefore it is recomended that you do not make long paragraps and keep them apart with by a extra enter, this is becuase your notes before the chapters are too close and get easily mistaken in one big paragraph.

i almost give up just by looking at that

i liked the sumary being there, but i got scared and slightly disapoined for everything being so close, but luckily i stayed and the story had better... arragement? setting? space regulation? (i forgot the word)

those are NOT recomendation as an Author (i am a newby in such field) but as a reader, a reader who got rather disapointed when the sumary was good but the writing skill was less than average. (i am talking about other stories that promised a lot but failed, yours migth be avobe average, i think, though i still need to read the whole thing). (to be exceptional you would be a profesional writer and actually get paid for this)

such is the knowledge i have gained after reading too many naruto fics (to the point that i may not be able to ever read another without getting bloated (is this the word? or was it cloying, or disgusted?), not even boruto (T-T) )

the rest of the story was rather good (once again, if the material was original and yours you would be a profesional writer so no 'amazing writing skills' awards)

just remember that aperance says a lot about everything (be your clothes, notebooks or your favorite snack) and the summary is the first thing that everyone will see on your story (if it is not good they could likely discard this story before reading it).
10/6/2017 c11 Shadow Master
Just finished reading everything from beginning to end. Just as good as your other stories I've read. Seriously hope this hasn't been abandoned because I'm interested in seeing where all this goes. Still gonna make Willow Wolverine's daughter or are you going to try something else?

In any case keep up the good work. C YA!
10/1/2017 c11 skyprinny
I like the story even if I dont like the POV changes and a few other things like making every female character so far lesbian and kinda phasing out any guys like peter for seemingly no reason. the premise Is really good but i feel xander probably has pictures of himself around somewhere and therefore would probably be back in his own form within the week it started mabye sooner if he wanted it enough. The biggest problem for me though its labelled romance and the only relationships we have seen so far seem to have little to no romance in them
6/7/2017 c11 Helyanweh
I like the story, though I think I would like it better if you would focus more on Michelle/Xander. All the POV switching makes for a somewhat scattered seeming story and I just prefer reading from a single POV.
5/8/2017 c11 DontMindMe
Why did you stop, this has been an amzing stoy.
The way the story had been structured was perfect, great depth with interesting and cleaver character development.
I would happly read this if it as a novel.

Your use of the law and characters was well done by not stretching the focus on to many people and places but keeping more focused on sundale and buffy the vampire slayer was good.

however i would have liked a but more from buffy as well what happened with her as one of her best friends has just up and left and the other has become more sexually active.

I am still in hope of seeing more of this in the very near future
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