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11/14/2021 c33 troygroomes9398
Idea for a sequel to chapter 5

What if Humphrey asks Eve for permission to marry kate and it turns into Humphrey doing Kate, Lilly and Eve.
10/17/2021 c33 grimreaperrr
9/21/2021 c7 Titan99
This is hot. Please make more Runt and Princess lemons.
9/13/2021 c33 Guest
Kion and Humphrey can double penetrate Simba ass-hole.
Kion can fist Simba (Put his paw up Simba's ass-hole and rub his prostate).

Simba can rim Humphrey and deep tongue him (Simba licks his ass hole and then sends his tongue as deep as it can go into his ass.

Kion and Humphrey do ass to ass. They stick Timon in there asses and uses him as a sex toy.

Simba ball squeeze Kion. (Simba sucks on Kion's dick and sucks in his balls, Simba's mouth gets to the base of the penis and forces the penis to inlarge beyond what size it should be.

Simba uses Timon as a condom one time as he fucks Humphrey

Kion urinate's in Humphreys ass.

Kion and Humphrey shuck off each other as Simba fucks Kion and stuffs Timon in Humphreys ass.

Simba fists both Kion and Humphrey.

Mufasa joins the party and fucks Kion so Simba can fuck Humphrey.
7/10/2021 c2 Arika Koski 2021
HumphreyXKate is awesome!
7/10/2021 c1 Arika Koski 2021
6/24/2021 c1 Tyler 2001 burcham
Can you make a alpha and omega rated M FanFiction where it just fleet stinky and runt please and thank you
6/24/2021 c1 4Masterman55
Can do a Gay FanFiction with alpha and omega characters stinky, runt, and fleet. please and thank you
6/21/2021 c33 SJTG9ZH85X4UT6P3GF2Q42G8
amazing lemon from you as usual, though it has been a long while since you updated
6/17/2021 c33 EbonyTigerclaw
I miss your updated. I'm glad you're back.
6/17/2021 c33 69UNCLE SAM THE MAN
Now that as HOT! T’s good to see you back doing this!
5/2/2021 c28 Ashkan1383
dammmm boyyyyy
2/18/2021 c13 lake.plunkett017
sexy as fuck
10/11/2020 c2 Guest
Ma’am this is a children’s movie
8/31/2020 c32 Guest
Awesome story. I love how Lilly is not letting her doubt get to her. And also I love how Humphrey is able to handle all six of them.
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