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for The Ice Witch

8/25/2015 c2 GirlFish
I don't think it would be THAT bad if Hans wasn't being such a rat.

From what I know, Elsa froze her kingdom out of fear at first-but now that Anna's gone, Elsa was using her powers out of anger and grief.

That also means Hans is still alive, and can plan his next move.

If I'm not mistaken, it was a mistake to let him live...
8/25/2015 c2 Zoey101fan3600
pretty good so far
8/9/2015 c1 corpse
PLEASE MAKE MORE and it looks good
8/7/2015 c1 Allie
This looks good so far, reading the description made me want more, but review your spelling and grammer. Beta's would be helpful.
8/6/2015 c1 Zoey101fan3600
can't wait 2 see where this goes

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