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2/3 c26 rmw5763
Nice, looking forward to reading the sequel (•‿•(•‿•)(•‿•)Added as a Favorite.
2/3 c21 rmw5763
So happy to have found this story.
1/17 c26 Karebear70
1/13 c21 omiguh
So he is immune to the killing curse, but is he really immortal? If someone cuts his head off his body would he heal? Or if they incinerated his body to ashes would his soul return to this world and he would be like voldemort and have to create a body for himself? The killing curse isnt the only spell to kill people, this also begs the question of how the hell did he think to expect to save his family from voldemort? He's too weak
1/12 c14 omiguh
I dont want to sound rude but if harry isnt that strong then what was his plan for stopping voldemort and saving his parents? I feel like he should have work on his magic over the years, I mean he was practically a prodigy if you compare the amount of time spent practicing and his ability. I would assume he spent those 15 years growing so he should be quite close to dumbledores level since he has the elder wand
1/3 c21 Moonkat85
That was a really great story. I could not put my tablet down. You are a very awesome writer. Than you for writing this story. I am looking forward to read the sequel.
12/30/2023 c6 RobynHenriksen
12/11/2023 c18 7Wally991
I love this fic, but geez, it's like none of the characters know how to debate or express their beliefs or opinions without snapping or getting emotional. They get offended with anyone that doesn't agree with them, Harry above all of them seems to have a stick of his butt the moment someone says something that he doesn't agree with. It's like he's a teen thinking that he knows better than anyone
11/27/2023 c18 Robyn Hawkes
11/17/2023 c2 Listorel
A meeting with death looks somehow clumsy. Too simple, poor and cheap. What is received for free, without complexity, is not valued. And here is not just a strange rebirth, but a meeting with Death itself. And it was presented as if he had treated a beggar, humiliatingly.
11/13/2023 c16 Kai
Fascinating how many authors think Umbridge is a weak witch. Well, it's their story, they can do with the characters whatever they want, but canon Umbridge was able to cast, and keep up for hours, a patronus during her mudblood trials. It is said that many adults can't even cast one for a short time.
10/18/2023 c3 Guest
Changing the MCs name is one of the worst mistakes people make. It's called fanfiction for a reason. The best way I've seen people do what you're trying to accomplish is to change his name to Hydrus as how other people refer to him, but POV descriptions should still refer to Harry. People are fans of and care about Harry. They don't give a shit about Hydrus. In effect you just turned the fic into an OC helps young Harry vs Harry goes back in time to raise himself.

Especially grating was changing his name before he even went back in time. I'm not a big fan of OCs as the main character and that killed my interest in the fic.
10/19/2023 c7 santos.luis.contato
hun? How does that work? He want to save his parents, but he is going to go back 1 month after his parents died.. They were killed in 31, July. And he is going back in 1, September...
10/18/2023 c7 george17
You really should have just done something from the start that said he wasn't able to go back earlier than Voldemort marking him. It would have been contrived but this much more contrived and made him look like a bumbling idiot. To get where you wanted you had to make him do one stupid thing after another.
9/4/2023 c6 9MollyMuffinHead
how Harry can be friends with that shrill harpy, ill never figure out. if I have to constantly be careful what I say and how I say it to a friend, then they aren't my friend. Hermione seems like she'll never see him as anything different than that 11 year old that didn't know anything.
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