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14h c1 Guest
I'm at a loss for words. This is a goated fanfic. Up there with some of the all time greats like DTESH, Morality Chain, and Walk on the Moon. I cannot get over just how *real* Jade feels. She isn't a shitty self insert or a generic wish fulfillment protagonist. She's a genuinely human character with her own set of flaws and ideals.

There were some minor grammatical hiccups, and your sentence structure could have been better at times, but neither of those flaws change the fact that this story is amazing. I've always believed that when done well, an OC centric fanfic is the best type of fanfic. They can demonstrate how the inclusion of an unknown quantity can completely flip canon on its head and force characters into situations they would otherwise never experience. Unfortunately, only a miniscule portion of those stories are actually written well. Luckily for me, this is one of those rare few gems.

Kudos to you, author!
20h c27 Guest

You could not have handled that better
5/13 c29 aq79
I binged this entire fic SO fast, can’t wait for an update!
5/5 c29 Guest
I really hope you update this soon!
5/4 c29 EmiliaKyuchi
Thank you for sharing this story. I love Jade. She feels real and genuine (even when she’s being sneaky). I like that she is capable but still has flaws. You have done an excellent job shaping her character and I’m so invested. I’m rooting for her even if things seem like they’re heading to a bittersweet end. All the ripple effects big and small have made for an even more exciting experience. The world building is interesting and I love seeing the different dynamics between everyone, oc and canon characters alike. Thank you.
5/4 c28 EmiliaKyuchi
Thing are amping up and so excited to read more! Love this!
5/4 c27 EmiliaKyuchi
Oh snap!
5/4 c26 EmiliaKyuchi
Love the Nico pov! Excited to see more!
5/4 c25 EmiliaKyuchi
Percy’s crush is adorable, not gonna lie. Probably not going to end well given the circumstances but still. Given Jade’s mental age and purposefully keeping distance though she is nowhere near reciprocating. All the character dynamics are super interesting to see.
5/4 c24 EmiliaKyuchi
As always it’s super cool to see Jade’s powers in action.
5/4 c23 EmiliaKyuchi
Fantastic chapter! Interesting to see the other pov.
5/4 c22 EmiliaKyuchi
Man the timing on that claim. Excellent chapter!
5/4 c21 EmiliaKyuchi
So excited!
5/4 c20 EmiliaKyuchi
So interesting to see what’s happening on the ship. Thanks!
5/4 c19 EmiliaKyuchi
Thanks for posting the answers at the end!
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