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10h c33 cranapplejuicebox
7/13 c33 KimberlyJho-ann
yay! thanks for coming back! welcome!
7/8 c36 Jun
Oh my god, Jade’s so down bad for Zoe. With everyone around side-eyeing her taste. Also that little bit with Drew.

It’s hilarious, but then the ending hit.
7/7 c32 1DreamRiders
cant wait!
7/6 c36 1Joepart5
Cant wait to see the last olympian.
7/6 c35 Joepart5
Bruh this is like MJ in ghe new spiderman movies. I havent watched any of them.
7/4 c36 Eennio
loveeed this chapter! glad your back!
6/27 c36 Guest
Thanks for more filler
6/28 c36 laurent1991
Great Chapter! I can’t wait to learn more!
6/27 c36 Pjo crossovers
I think I found a good song that kinda lines up with jades current state. Cold, by Neffex
6/27 c36
6/25 c10 Guest
yeah two things :
1. what's the point of writing a story if it just follows canon to the letter ?
2. why would your all knowing mc be surprised by thalia, when she just said the day before that she knows thalia is gonna show up ?
6/26 c36 TheGh0stK1ng
“She’s literally a princess. Is it weird to think she’s hot?” Gold. Absolute gold.
6/26 c36 UzuRunner
I'm always here for Jade simping over Zoe, because honestly? Same. I think my favorite parts were Jade saying "She can step on me?" and all the times the other campers called her crazy. I loved this chapter so much, and then the ending hit me like a steel baseball bat!

Congrats on grad school! I'm currently searching for jobs after getting my Bachelor's so I definitely know how you feel.

Keep up the fantastic work! I'm definitely looking forward to finding out how this ends!
6/26 c36 Doctor Doofenshmirtz
Man, I really hate the riordanverse. I always see fics for it, and can't help but to peak, and often see great writing... but a world where kids are born only to live a life of strife, fighting monsters just for the right to live, is a form of hell to me. The whole setup is just a form of torture, that I can't help but dislike.

The writing really isn't bad, but the weird comedic elements mixed in with the attempts to make the setup less grim never sit right with me.
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