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5/8 c31 Eennio
i just wanted to let you know i re read the story and i’ve been here for a while following it and it’s so good! i hope more chapters come soon
5/6 c1 1crossover-lover1
So good, seriously so good. Good plot, good pace, great banter, realistic OC. Kept me hooked the whole way through. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!
5/5 c31 2Agile PvP
Man, what a ride. I already feel sad about how I think this is going to turn out and we've still got a book to go XD

I like your writing. It keeps me gasped through the entire chapter. I can't wait for more chapters!
4/16 c1 realfan16
Seems intriguing. i mean Hypnos? didn't see that yet nor did I expect it. Only hope she lives up to the true sloth style of the Naras. Heck even that sleeping Hollow who's name currently escaped me.
4/13 c19 Creativenameok
There’s ‘Morten orbire’ on ao3. It’s got a reborn female Harry Potter as the mc, and she is a daughter of Apollo and gets seer abilities
4/8 c19 NaraSadow
See 'Olympian Gamer' by TyrTheTaur for an OC child of Apollo fic
3/27 c31 31yuuki24688
this fic is a roller coaster, one that I'm afraid of but can't get off
3/26 c31 2pendora59
Great story!
I hope read more soon
3/25 c30 JinxIt165
i love this fic
3/22 c31 Jun
Didn’t realize I stopped getting ffnet’s update emails, so to see this update was a pleasant surprise!

Thank you so much for your hard work—I always enjoy coming back and rereading this story. Take care!
3/21 c31 Skms
Just binge read this while I should be studying for exam so thanks for that… thanks I really enjoyed it so far, can’t wait to see the end.
3/20 c31 1Viviene001
Oh my god ahhhh whats next?!
3/16 c31 Blag
3/10 c1 Guest
btw katanas are a two handed blade. you can't dual wield them

maybe twin kodachis?
2/27 c31 xXMoonlitSorrowsXx
Just found this story and I love LOVE LOVE it! I haven't read the books before (movie only) so I'm googling some stuff but you keep it pretty straightforward! I am in love with Jade's character, in the beginning not to much because she was passive and I felt I was basically reading the movie script. But now, whoooo, she has MC energy! I'm so looking forward to reading more!
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