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4/22/2019 c1 26Fi Suki Saki
I have weird fond of fic where Conan hit Kaito's shin. XD
Sorry not sorry, KID. lol
He get robbed. Lol
6/17/2017 c1 Guest
Nicely written and I liked how both dealt with each other it was truly funny.
6/15/2016 c1 Guest
8/26/2015 c1 110th Squad 3rd Seat
Utterly hilarious. Pure gold!:D
8/14/2015 c1 6Nebula'sPhoenix
Please write more of this. I want to see kaito struggle to find out what's behind Conans "glasses" and get Conan back for getting the jewel.
8/12/2015 c1 5Shana-Fujioka
This was a funny short one shot. I love their little fights 'after' the heists. xD
8/9/2015 c1 35findmeontumblr
That was so cute. I ship KaiShin but primarily KaiFemShin but this was really adorable even in a non-romantic, brothers making fun of each other way. Sweeeeeeeet~
8/9/2015 c1 12madelita
Well, your horrible, unreliable senpai is finally here "

I liked it a lot~ I just love this cute banter between Kai-chan and Conan, and how they always just mess around with each other.
Looks like short size comes with short temper though :D
And hey, thieves getting robbed? Sign me up~
On that note, I would love to have a sequel to this, and perhaps read more about their encounters~ This fic was like one piece of m&m's, but I need the rest of the package! XD
8/9/2015 c1 6RyuNeko
Naw... And here I was hoping for more chapters of this... It's too good to stop there! I just really like the way you write and portray those two, a very well done fic, but I can't help but feel like 'it's over already?!' since it insists on leaving me wanting much more...
8/9/2015 c1 Guest
haha i really liked this its so funny omg the short jokes that kaito makes and how conan is becoming a thief haha i would like to see that tho i love the restraining order bit the fic was lighthearted and fun and filled with funny banter i absolutely adored the ending conan really is becoming a thief :P lol tho the "mimicking the very thing he hated most" took me 5 seconds longer than it should've to figure out *facepalms* so embarrassed O_O

hey not to bother you but when are you going to update Pandora I am a big fan as much as kogoro is of okino yoko :P and im also a big fan of Rainy Days (are you gonna update that?) well technically i love all ur stories... heh heh

*bows* thank you for wonderful stories and sorry if i bother you
8/8/2015 c1 9JarayZ
I think this looks cute rather than funny though. Great as ever, Neo-chan! :D
- JarayZ
Ps. I'll try to get mine out before the deadline XD
8/8/2015 c1 Kameo1
This is hilarious! I laughed so hard the entire time! I love the banter and undercurrent of friendship that they had while simultaneously incorporating the polar opposites of their personalities. I also liked the ending because in a lot of fics when these two clash Kaito wins but Shinichi's just too stubborn to always get outdone!
8/8/2015 c1 7training to be a fangirl
Lol I loved this! That was so funny.
I think it's your first fic were conan is actually male. Or the first I read. Any way it was really cool. And Kaito you should be more careful next time :P

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