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12/1/2020 c1 Squid
Ah, four years after the last update, two years after we heard this would be put on a temporary hold, and despite all this time, nothing. Still hoping for a new chapter though, this story is really good. It's sad to see it incomplete, and this is my 3rd time across 2019 and 2020 coming back to reread this amazing fic. If Coffee Filled Author is reading this, please, finish this. I hope that your passion for writing has remained strong, but I suppose the time your account and this fic have been neglected may say otherwise. In that case, I wish you the best, and am sorry for the loss of inspiration. I know it is painful, and sometimes that it is better to leave things unfinished than to bring them to a messy close. But know that there are people out there who look on and wait patiently for a close to each unfinished fic out there, sometimes never getting their wish. So if you are willing, and see this message, please. This story was so inspiring to me and I hope you finish it, one day. But for now, I can dream.
7/16/2020 c30 2writingisrelaxing
Darn it, so many of my own childhood memories come back to me while reading this. This is why I love Inside Out so much: Even when the story isn't about me, it feels like it is. It's all so relatable...
7/16/2020 c26 writingisrelaxing
I'm re-reading this now after a long time and I just realized she couldn't wake up because there was no one at dream duty! Fear wasn't there to stop a nightmare about HIMSELF. So freaking weird haha
12/11/2019 c44 5SharkBait1027
Aww please continue
9/2/2018 c44 2writingisrelaxing
No ooo oh noooo
I can't believe you got SO far, only to leave it like this!
This must be the longest uncomplete fanfiction I've ever read. Sigh...
It's ok, though. I enjoyed it a lot. Also I just could not help myself from being scared of how it was going to end. If this were Disney, I would be calm because I know for sure it's gonna have a happy ending (the only time I was truly super afraid of what was gonna happen was at the end of Toy Story 3). But this is no Disney /PIXAR movie. This is a fanfiction. Here, things COULD go terribly wrong. So yeah. I can't be afraid of the end now cause there is no end. I'll just imagine one myself :

The note Riley didn't notice at the door was her cousin apologizing because she has to stay late at work for some reason. Her cousin has no idea about the exterminators so she didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. Then, at the time she usually arrives, someone knocks at the door. Riley had been trying hard not to think about the exterminators during the whole afternoon, because she wanted to smile for the others, to help the happy ambience and Joy. They were having a great time and Joy was almost completely cured. So she doesn't realize that she hadn't heard her cousin's car (which makes very specific sounds) and she just thinks that she had forgotten her keys at home, or something. When she opens the door with a bright smile, happy that she's gonna see her cousin again and eager to tell her all about their great day, she is shocked to find a stranger in front of her. It's the exterminators, and the five emotions are scattered at the floor at plain sight.

Riley tries to close the door but he stops her because he thinks that she is just scared to see a stranger and that, once he explains why he is there, she will let him do his job. While holding the door, trying to explain himself, he spots the emotions inside. The bugs. He immediately shoves Riley aside with a 'Careful!' and fully opens the door (Riley tried to stop him but he is way stronger)

Then... Well... THIS IS WHY I WAS AFRAID OF THE ENDING! What then!? I mean, this is totally what would happen, right!? But then, what!? How do they get out of that one!? I imagine they would try to run and hide, and some would probably manage, at least at first. But probably Joy, still being weak, wouldn't be able to run away. And even if the rest hid, the exterminators are experts at finding tiny creatures... And even if Riley tried to explain, there is NO WAY they would believe her, and they would catch all of them, and they would... Take them away, and... And...

Aaauuuuuwww ;_;

Ok ok maybe... Maybe Riley somehow... Finds them after that...?

WHO AM I TRYING TO FOOL!? This was gonna be a DISASTER ENDING, RIGHT!? Aaaaaaaaah! I think I'm sounding like Fear right now. You know what? I don't care. I don't care how it ends. I'm just gonna imagine everything somehow turns alright and... Hmm.. And for some reason Fear (me) doesn't remember how they got back to headquarters? But everything's fine so it doesn't matter anymore :D
9/2/2018 c43 writingisrelaxing
I am... TERRIFIED of clicking to the next chapter. The final chapter. After how this one ended. (please be a happy ending please be a happy ending please be a happy ending...!)
9/1/2018 c37 writingisrelaxing
No. No no. NO IT DOESN'T MATTER they have to play games and watch movies and stuff NOT REMEMBER A TRAUMATIC EVENT
I don't care what happened I just want them to be ok...
9/1/2018 c36 writingisrelaxing
15 more chapters to go!? What else could happen!? I am crying right now, I really hope this has a happy ending please.
9/1/2018 c31 writingisrelaxing
When Cody explained his interactions with Sadness... That was SO CUUUUUUTE! That was so unexpected! I am so glad Sadness has been taken care of by someone! That at least she has a friend, even if she's probably still scared... Aaawwww
8/31/2018 c21 writingisrelaxing
Oh my god this is NOT gonna end well.
I'm wondering one thing, though... At the start of the fanfic, Riley was so emotionless she didn't even care about it. But it looks to me that she has been slowly getting her emotions back? I mean, she has been getting them back literally, as in, physically. But not inside her mind. At least, not the ones we know...
Is she... Has she already replaced them and they didn't even realize? Is it too late for them...?
8/31/2018 c20 writingisrelaxing
I KNEW this would happen! How can they be so stupid!?
7/9/2018 c1 Guest
making stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
3/11/2018 c44 Guest
You know, I haven’t been reading this fandoms stories for long, but this is one of the best ones I’ve read (or even one of the best of all time). It’s on par with Intercom, another story in the fandom not finished.

I’ve read your bio; I’m glad that you are trying to make a living on what you like to do. I would subscribe to your Patreon but I don’t have a job and is broke all the time (to the people who con sub; you should do so.).

I really hope this story is finished. Like I said before, it is amazing. Your talents are unmatched and your plot development is great. If you do finish the story like you said you would, I’m gonna be glad to see it.
3/8/2018 c44 1PhoenixGlacier10
Hi! I followed and read this story years ago and was devastated when it stopped updating. I just found and read it through again and I can’t stand an unifinished story, especially one as good as this one! Are you going to continue this fic? Or at the very least, if your muse has been lost, give us a short conclusion? Thank you! Until then, I will patiently wait for a new chapter and read your other works!
11/25/2017 c44 Kunior135
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