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4/3/2019 c1 Guest
This was something
2/5/2017 c4 2Angryhenry
Update soon
7/21/2016 c4 Mark Sevy
Great story, wanna read more of it. Plz update soon.
6/30/2016 c4 Tobjur-11
Cool story hope for next update coming soon
4/5/2016 c1 Guest
please continue the story it's really good
12/7/2015 c3 Supergoddad
It doesn't matter, it was fun to read!
10/27/2015 c3 DisasterMaster0
Well Natsu's past and mission is now revealed and Mira is officially his mate. This is going good. Nicely done.
10/27/2015 c3 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
So Natsu had told Mira the true about his origins and Family ties along with what his Brother purpose is for Natsu to kill him and free him from his curse. She already had the Dragon Mate Mark the only thing left is mira accept Mating with him and be together as a couple. This chapter was good had Mira Acceptance on been a Demon odly she is part Demon thanks to her magic. Keep the Good Work. Until the Next Update.
9/3/2015 c2 Dragon King of Fire Dragons
Cool great need more fights
9/2/2015 c2 1CrAcKshipper8
Great chapter I really like this story but I would've liked to read the fight between Natsu and laxus I can't wait for the next chapter
9/2/2015 c2 DisasterMaster0
Finally the server is back. Natsu totally humiliated Laxus. Great chapter mate.
9/2/2015 c2 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
Well this chapter was beautifull I am glad that he kick laxus butt since he had Mira for too long now Natsu had a lot of things to tell Mira about himself an Lissana is in for a shock when she discover who is Mira Boyfriend. Keep the good work. Until next time
8/13/2015 c1 2FairyTail96
Whatever you do, don't end it here! It started out so good! I would love to see more!
8/9/2015 c1 Guest
i hope you update soon that was grate!
8/10/2015 c1 1CrAcKshipper8
I did enjoy the story and have to say that black hair and green eyes do make natsu look better. I can't wait for the next chapter I'll be waiting so please don't take too long
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