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11/13/2021 c44 carneyjarred
Um will kurama come back and should Minato and kushina get a second chance too because I don't think you ever had them be a part of Naruto's life in a few of your stories and maybe mikoto Uchiha just so she can embarrass Sasuke and itachi in pony form?
11/13/2021 c44 Battlewolf1992
A really fine chapter I love the additions Naruto added particularly the prank on Pinky and I get the whole timeline thing basically the portals act as sometime wormhole being it can go to the past the present or the future maybe Naruto can help Serena give her more of a nudge as well as a giant shove to Ash I mean he might not know much about love but he can see it with others.
11/13/2021 c44 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and welcome back :)
11/13/2021 c44 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
11/13/2021 c44 UnsanMusho
I'm just to see this fic not only updating but you doing well in life
7/30/2021 c2 Guest
Honestamente pensé que reencarnacia como un zorro kyubi en lugar de pony
4/14/2021 c43 OMEGA RM
more chapters
3/18/2021 c43 Guest
More chapters please
2/15/2021 c5 OMEGA RM
i lov dis booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook
1/15/2021 c43 Guest
A very epic and heartwarming chapter, I look forward to more of your work. I can't wait to see the one-on-one personal adventures Naruto will have next with the other mares, and the other worlds he'll go to, both new and old.

Which reminds me, I still remember, back at Chapter 16, you said that the next time Naruto goes to the Pokemon world, that he'll return with a pokemon. While at Chapter 15, you said it'll be a Pichu and Riolu. I was just wondering if Naruto will still bring a pokemon home, and if it would still be those two pokemon? Because it was a long time ago, and a lot of new pokemon have been introduced since then. It's completely fine if you stay with Pichu and Riolu, but I'm honestly just curious if any of the other new pokemon have changed your mind about them or not.

If it's alright with you, I want to suggest the following mares/girls for the harem:
1. Coloratura
2. Coco Pommel
3. Tempora (OC from the OC comic book story "MLP Timey Wimey". If you don't know about it, you can read it on the 'Deviantart' website, under the artist named "Light262" (without "), you should definitely give it a read when you have the time. If you do know of it, I hope you plan to maybe use that story as an Arc here)
4. Somnambula (One of the Six Pillars, the Element of Compassion)
5. Autumn Blaze
6. Cheerilee
7. The Dazzlings (Either all 3, 2, or just one of them that you think might click and match with Naruto)
8. Marble Pie and/or Limestone Pie (I understand if you want to keep just Pinkie, out of the Pie Sisters, with Naruto, but they're both merely suggestions)
9. Maud Pie (Again, just a suggestion, I'll completely understand if you want to keep her in her relationship with Mudbriar)
10. Nurse Redheart
1/12/2021 c43 Guest
A great end to this arc, I personally can't wait to see what Naruto's nicknames for the other mares will be. I hope to see more soon, keep up the great work.

Do you think you can make an updated harem list, if it's needed, along with the members' nicknames next to them? Not all of the nicknames, just the ones that have been revealed so far. I want to specifically ask, if it's not too much trouble, if you could make a list like that on this story's first chapter and update it accordingly? I'm simply asking, not trying to force you, I'm sorry if I'm troubling you with this.
7/6/2020 c3 Gguma030
don't make a pony harem
5/22/2020 c43 43Phoenixlord42
Dude really Hinata man we have one shy girl already
5/9/2020 c3 spacerswap
4/9/2020 c43 Shifter
Interesting story continue as soon as possible along with Adventures of the Orange Flash
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