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4/11/2020 c43 86KristinalUzumakiPrime23
wow nice job bro, keep it up.
4/11/2020 c10 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I am a bit surprised he didn’t already meet Derpy as ponyville isn’t that big
4/9/2020 c43 11ShiningShadow1965
Awesome chapter that made me cry well done here bravo.
4/9/2020 c43 HyperA2019
I am looking foward to Chapter 44.
4/9/2020 c43 StrongGuy159
Awesome chapter continue please.
4/9/2020 c6 kurolothgarian
That said (see previous post), I will still read this, because it is still a good story. I just think you didn't need to add such a thing
4/9/2020 c6 kurolothgarian
This was going great, until you added a 'seventh element' so Naruto would be stuck with the Mane 6. It's not like he was friends with any of them, or did impressive feats that would catch the Princesses eyes [SARCASM DETECTED].
4/9/2020 c43 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and glad to see rarity back and it looks Naruto taught spike his therapy jutsu :)
4/9/2020 c2 kurolothgarian
the glaive seems to act like a Divine Instrument from Okami.
4/9/2020 c43 carneyjarred
I like this chapter but when is your Kirby/ naruto crossover story gonna come out I can't take it anymore.
2/21/2020 c42 sonavelkovskaa5842
Проду, плиз. Это супер круто вы молодец. Желаю вам удачи и вдохновения
2/19/2020 c5 R3DD1RT
as of 20/02/2020

just about to start chapter 5 and I'm loving the book so far i knownthis book already has 40 odd chapters but im excited read more and im curious if there will be more chapters to come or not thats if it s already completed (haven't checked)
10/7/2019 c42 voltblaze0522
I loved this book I hope u make a chapter of Naruto visiting his old friends from leaf village probably bring one of the mane 6 or probably bring scooterlo to meet them.

also I hope Naruto save rairty from the darkness
9/2/2019 c39 voltblaze0522
so this gulid like the askatsi in Naruto world well so far I loved this book I downloading this to keep with me to reread alot
8/26/2019 c2 HyperA2019
I am looking forward to chapter 43 and I hope Naruto use a Uzumaki sealing jutsu to save Rarity from Nightmare.
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