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for Adventures of the Equestrian Ninja

8/22/2015 c7 Guest
Awesome work man
8/23/2015 c7 SPark681
Something tells me Luna and Celestia will end up with Naruto along with the mane 6 question is will Naruto eventually become a Alicorn due to his powers anyways keep up the great work!
8/22/2015 c7 3Prince-Crimson-Eclipse
I must say you really did a good job with this story and you have definitely caught my interest
8/22/2015 c7 4Gamelover41592
while good that was a little short compared to your other chapters
8/22/2015 c6 The Cobra2
Great make more chapters
8/20/2015 c6 eniox27
Very cool. Liked the latest upgrade you face Naruto
8/19/2015 c6 Guest
Just awesome can't wait for more chapter I beat all of the mares in ponyvile fall in love for naruto and I beat stallions will be jealous of him
8/19/2015 c6 Clear the best
Awesome 20%.
8/19/2015 c6 Cf96
8/19/2015 c6 SPark681
Nice not only does Naruto save princess luna a new element is created, though have a feeling next chapter Naruto will have a lot of explaining to do anyways keep up the great work!
8/19/2015 c6 Gamelover41592
Awesome work can't wait for the next chapter
8/19/2015 c6 Guest
In a lat of story and this is the best work I can't wait for more chapters keep up the great job here
8/19/2015 c6 Bladeshalde2
Awesome just awesome work can't wait for more chapters you are a genius
8/19/2015 c6 Shadowwing8
Awesome work this is the best work can't wait for more chapters
8/19/2015 c6 Bionic Exorcist
Is the marem just going to be the main 6 or are there going to be others in it? Also good job so far keep up the good work
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