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9/26/2018 c1 SuperSonic2018
I can named many mare for Naruto's Harem:
- Coco Pommel - Limestone Pie
- Marble Pie - Sunset Shimmer
- The Apple Family Mares - Coloratura
- Mare Meadowbroow - Somnambula
- Lotus Blossom and Aloe - Junebug
- Cloud Chaser and Flitter - Tree Hugger
- Moon Tancer - Radiant Hope
- Saffron Masala - Princess Skystar
9/21/2018 c40 Guest
i think coco pommel would be great to be in the herd, she can be rarity's assistant or something.
9/7/2018 c40 Guest
Is Somnambula in the herd?
8/31/2018 c28 11ShiningShadow1965
Great chapter I really enjoyed it and the characters were great in this episode of the grand galloping gala well done here bravo, onward.
8/30/2018 c40 SuperSonic2018
Great! You going to put Hinata too! I love NaruHina!
8/26/2018 c17 Sean Malloy-1
love this
8/26/2018 c27 ShiningShadow1965
Great chapter I love it well done here bravo, onward.
8/23/2018 c19 Sean Malloy-1
can't wait for more
8/23/2018 c40 MegaTails365
8/23/2018 c14 Sean Malloy-1
8/22/2018 c40 MegaSonic365
8/22/2018 c26 ShiningShadow1965
Great chapter I really enjoyed it the storyline is incredible and the plot here and there is so funny bravo, onward.
8/22/2018 c25 ShiningShadow1965
Awesome ending arc for this chapter well done bravo, onward.
8/20/2018 c40 Guest
Happy 40th chapter.
8/22/2018 c24 ShiningShadow1965
This is not the outcome for this what would happen next bravo, onward.
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