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8/24/2018 c12 Sophhascoconuts
Oh dude i am so looking forward to this
8/23/2018 c12 Ashe
Noooo what now? I want more hurt brant haha please don’t end this story ever :(
8/23/2018 c12 2Fallout47
Sewers in Ghost Protocol, London Catacombs in Rogue Nation ... Nice. :)

Patiently waiting to see what happens next.
8/22/2018 c11 Ashe
I’m so glad you’ve decided to continue this story, the brotherly love between Ethan and Will is just too damn cute, they deserve more hurt and comfort time to each other3 again, thank you so so much for writing! Hope you a great time at school love
8/20/2018 c11 Fallout47
Good to see you continuing this story. Looking forward to the imminent rescue of Jane and Benji's uncle.
8/19/2018 c11 45rayrae118
I'm really glad you decided to keep going with this. I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/19/2018 c11 Giu
So glad you decided to continue this story! When I read your AN I was going to ask for the epilogue, but seeing this update is even better! Thank you! Already looking forward to the next chapter!
8/16/2018 c10 Guest
Couldn’t believe you’re still in school and already a good writer! I’ve been so drawn into this story I can’t believe I didn’t find this story earlier :/ I hope you would consider finishing the story tho because I just can’t wsit to see what’s gonna happen next to my favorite IMF team! Great job!
8/16/2018 c10 Fallout
Definitely, a coda would be nice to have. It's a great story and I'd surely like to see it have an end.
8/15/2018 c10 Guest
Though it’s sad you’re leaving it, I think an epilogue would be good.
8/15/2018 c10 20LacieFuyu
Of course i would love a coda! that would be greatvand thank you for checking this story again
8/14/2018 c10 Guest
I would love to see a coda! Glad to hear college is going well!
7/31/2018 c9 45rayrae118
Oh, I really hope you plan on coming back to this and finishing it. So good! I really want to know what happens next!
6/23/2018 c3 Pandanaman
Loved the references to the first two movies.
6/22/2018 c1 Pandanaman
Holy mac-role, this first chapter really hooked me.
You portrayed all the characters really well, which I find some people have trouble when it comes to M:I.
Good descriptions as well.
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