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6/26 c11 Dayside
Damn Marquis is a baller.
5/1 c9 4Zoanzon
Poor Cinderhands; that's probably going to tear him up for a long while.

And aayyyyy, Calhoun's Rat Utopia! Wow, I learned about that far too young and that did irreparable things to me lol; glad to see it resurface in fiction. It doesn't entirely fit the Birdcage - Calhoun's experiments saw more of an issue with the degree of unending social contact that came from a population explosion from unlimited resources (sans unlimited space to expand into) - but I can definitely see where Marquis would be bringing it up when he's trying to look like he's declining...
4/4 c11 haphazard1
Thanks for sharing this very entertaining story. I really liked the way Amy was written, and her determination to start making changes in her life. And her interaction with Kayden and Aster was really good, hopefully things turn out well for Kayden.
3/22 c11 21Duchess67
Ack! Last chapter? Awwwww *shoulders slumping in disappointment as I sigh*

Anyway, Amy's "pirate phase" is looking to be helpful toward getting the old house fixed up and livable again, maybe? LOL

This was too cute and sweet of a chapter! Though I'm really surprised Vicky and Eric are allowed to spend ANY time in "Patrick's" presence. That hasn't been expressly forbidden yet? LOL

Well, if/when you can ever get around to this fic again, I'm clicking the follow button to make sure I get the notice. :)
3/22 c10 Duchess67
Oh my goodness, sooooo much happening in this fic! *excited squeal*

I'm glad Teacher is dead! *shudder*. Horrible excuse for a man. I hate how Max keeps yanking Kayden around concerning Aster. I hope she and her children will be free of him one day.

And now Marquis is out ... I can't help but laugh at New Wave's reactions to his declarations. He loves Amelia more than life itself, but I hope he doesn't go overboard. Vicky's form of bullying Amy won't fly either. I fully expect Marquis have to give her at least one verbal smackdown because the girl has an appalling lack of self control. Or will what he just did make Vicky see sense and save her embarrassment later?
3/21 c8 Duchess67
Geoff is really dead? Good! I'm glad Purity was seen doing a good deed for a hero. Now I'm really hoping that the rest of those idiots leave Dragon alone!
3/21 c7 Duchess67
And this just escalated, then escalated AGAIN. Wow...
3/21 c6 Duchess67
Well crap, I was afraid this was where it was going. :(
3/21 c5 Duchess67
Oh wow, I knew it, but you just confirmed that Amelia is talking to Purity, of all people! :)
3/20 c4 Duchess67
Man, just a few minutes of conversation and Marquis is more of a parent to her than Carol in the last ten years! Grrrrr
3/20 c2 Duchess67
Wow, this is different. Very interesting, too!
2/3 c11 Fictional Liberator
I've just found out about you and have been binging your stories, I wonder how you make every single one of them entertaining and somewhat unique. There are some key aspects that define these stories as yours, your writing style and the main roster of characters you almost always use. I have to say author you really provided me entertainment for an entire week and I still have about ten more stories downloaded and waiting for me. Thank you very much for your work.
1/4 c11 2wsbenge
I read it from the beginning again. Your story flows well. Dragon and the dragon slayers make sense as a way to dig into the organic computer system that makes Scion and the Endbringers. It appears to be some sort of corrupted weapons platform of a war lost long ago. Need someone like freed dragon to dig into it. Be interesting if Amelia could make an organic computer.
12/27/2021 c11 MasterAyaka
I absolutely loved this, and I hope you update it more often in the future. Certainly more than years apart if this started in 2015 ;D
12/22/2021 c11 16Blackbird0
I love it. I'm seriously looking forward to the public's reaction to this, as well as the other capes.
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