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for Hostage Situation

6/19 c9 paueorr
I do hope you follow this one up soon.
5/14 c9 4hvm2k2
Good stuff! Just like all of your fics I look forward to finding out what happens next.
5/6 c9 1princezilla
Oh this story is everything I've been looking for in a fic since I got into Worm. Amy is my favorite character and you got her perfect, people usually clean her up to much (the girl is damaged, it's part of why I love her) or make her a complete monster. All the other characterizations are on point as well and the plot is super intriguing. I can't wait to see how things progress differently from here on out!
4/10 c4 1Saslen
God, I love that response.

“You can’t do that! It’s extortion!”

“Well, yes, it’s called insurance.”
1/8 c9 2Newland Archer
Damn I can't wait to read more.
1/5 c9 10Blackbird0
Oh my god amazing! I loved this the whole thing! Marquis is the most badass dad everI’m so looking forward to their reunion
12/29/2020 c8 silverrain-shiningsun
Seeing Saint and Teacher dead is very satisfying.
12/28/2020 c5 silverrain-shiningsun
Damn, I was not expecting the random lady to be Kayden!
12/28/2020 c5 silverrain-shiningsun
Damn, I was not expecting Kayden!
10/30/2020 c9 Armiture
Well the last scene was an awesome twist. I assume that while Marquis is dead, his former civilian identity will either be recreated or he'll be given a new identity as a recently discovered relative of Amy. I was thinking the next chapter would wrap everything up until Coil and Kaiser got involved.

Hahaha, I just imagined Lisa somehow setting Coil and Bakuda against each other just so she can sleep in.

I look forward to the future twists and turns.
10/30/2020 c8 Armiture
The communication via 4D monkey farts line almost had me falling out of my chair with laughter, kudos for that! And for the best elimination of Saint so far. I also liked how Marquis dealt with Teacher; I'm sure he realized that if Saint got it into his head to kidnap his daughter to get Teacher out of the Birdcage, then another former customer might try it too. Unless he killed Teacher. Looking forward to the next chapter.
10/29/2020 c9 DragonLark
Have a Wonderful Wonderful day! And Stay Safe!
10/24/2020 c9 EP
10/24/2020 c9 Guest
10/26/2020 c9 Caver Floyd
Amy is getting her Daddy! Dragon planned the release well. I bet the book was telling him in code to make some fatalistic comments to Cinderhands.
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