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11/20/2019 c3 lordy am
The Jedi code isn't wrong though. You should feel emotions but you should also put them in place
8/7/2017 c1 10Just a Crazy-Man
3/8/2017 c7 42Patriot-M89
Nice job on this. And thanks for using my OC.
2/20/2017 c4 10Lady-Grey93
Well, it seems to have confirmed that the Mandalore present in canon is indeed the same Mandalore we see in Legends, just turned into a radioactive desert due to feudal fuckery.
2/20/2017 c3 Lady-Grey93
Most of the Jedi were either Lawful Stupid or Stupid Good. And it seems once Palpatine solidified his power, he immediately delved into Stupid Evil. :/
2/20/2017 c2 Lady-Grey93
Ah, Anakin's inner Vader comes out.

Which reminds me, after this next chapter (which is a fairly long one), I'm planning on writing a Saxon and Vader-centeric chapter. I always wanted to see Vader put that Mandalorian blowhard in his place.
2/20/2017 c1 Lady-Grey93
Interested in seeing where this will lead...
4/5/2016 c6 871-1 Marines
Good work as always.
Also, for those of you who are wondering who created Marik...his pen name is Patriot-112.
10/1/2015 c7 Zulu
1-1 Marines here. My last guest review may not have shown up for whatever reason.
Unsurprised that Kraym was not a Colonel Badass like Mazzi.
Good to see Nolan and the other Jedi mourning their fallen. Just as good to see Obi-Wan acknowledging Anakin making difficult and pragmatic decisions out of necessity.
Promotion to Knighthood is reasonable in light of both the Padawan Pack proving themselves and casualties. Hell, Aayla apparently got promoted to Master during the Clone Wars in the old EU, and she never trained a Padawan from what I can tell. So pragmatism overrides tradition.
Nice little conversation between Marik and Zule, even if it occurred while treating the handful of survivors from the missile attack.
Unsurprised at Nolan transferring out. With his loved ones dead and hometown destroyed, he has about zero reasons to stay on Jabiim. I would not be surprised if all the Militia officers were killed given the extensive casualties (I.e. 90% KIA).
Mak killing that injured Nationalist was pure pragmatism, because if he would be a cooperative POW he would have surrendered rather than taunt them.
Mak and Kass definitely would've been able to know each other longer than Anakin and Padmé.
Overall, nice Bittersweet Ending.
10/1/2015 c7 Guest
Why am I unsurprised at Kraym not being a Colonel Badass (unlike Mazzi)?
Good to see the other Jedi and Nolan mourning their fallen. Was Gillmunn cut from the top down or up to the top? Because the latter would probably hurt like hell.
I can see Obi-Wan acknowledging Anakin had to make a hard choice and his Pragmatic Heroism being necessary.
Knighthood is expected, both due to the Pack proving themselves and losses.
I trust Glaive was one of the more abrasive Jedi? Which makes me wonder why they assigned Zule to him...
I can see Nolan's decision. Jabiim isn't a nice place to live, so with his loved ones gone he made a logical choice.
Mak and Kass married in a reasonable amount of time considering Analin and Padme. Hell, they've probably known each other for longer for all we know.
Overall good Bittersweet Ending.
1-1 Marines
9/30/2015 c7 1-1 Marines
I can see Kraym, from what I've heard, not being a Colonel Badass (unlike Mazzi) in his final moments. Good to see Nolan and the other Jedi mourning their fallen.
Just as good to see Obi-Wan note Anakin had to make a hard decision. Plus acknowledging the need for Pragmatic Heroism (I.e. Prioritizing the wounded troops).
I can definitely see the Padawan Pack being Knighted due to repelling the Seps after without any Knights and proving themselves. Plus they need more Knights.
Nice little dialogue between Marik and Zule. I trust Glaive was one of the more abrasive Jedi in the comics? If so, it makes me wonder why Zule was assigned to him.
I can see Nolan leaving Jabiim due to all his family and friends being dead. After all, not like he has much of a future there. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if there's just one Militia Lieutenant left.
Mak taking out that Nationalist was pragmatic, because he hadn't surrendered and evidently would keep on fighting. Plus considering what his buddies and superiors were up to, it's hard to feel sorry for him, and odds are POWs that would be cooperative would surrender rather than be defiant before surrendering (and get killed for it).
Considering Padmé and Anakin, like you say Mak and Kass married in a reasonable amount of time. For all we know, they knew each other before Jabiim.
9/30/2015 c7 1-1 Marines
This was a great ending.
It was a nice Bittersweet Ending. True, the Republic won and Anakin wasn't forced to abandon the Loyalists to their deaths. But massive casualties were still suffered and everything else.
Great work. I read this on my phone-glad I didn't wait to read this chapter later.
9/26/2015 c6 Guest
Good to see that Zule still cared about Vabeesh even if he was naive.
Wait, isn't Marik a Lieutenant? But nice decision making on his and Zule's part to alert Mak and Kass.
The MagnaGuards are even deadlier than the assassin droids, because their electrostaffs mean they can get close to Jedi and kill them. As we saw with Mak and Kass, they're far from harmless Mecha Mooks.
Good to see a Big Damn Heroes moment on Rex's part. Just as good to see that, altough Kass planned to go down fighting with Mak, she was decisive enough to take out the Councilors. I trust the Nimbus pilot hadn't raised the shields in time (which isn't unrealistic considering Fives showed on Umbara that commando skills do not make you a pilot and he was focused on taking off)? Nice little kiss, too.
Durge, why can't you just flamethrower your parasitic and incredibly Jerkass ally? Granted, he was in a hurry.
Warble's head would've been likely fried, rather than set on fire, but good aversion of Harmless Electrocution regardless.
Dammit, I though the nukes were all in the bunker. Stratus is definitely burning in hell if he launched thermonuclear warheads out of spite, plus forcing Anakin to make a Sadistic Choice.
Overall, good little update with little to no errors. I haven't updated in a week, but you updated twice in less than 48 hours. Impressive.
9/25/2015 c6 Guest
Damn, two chapters in one week? I updated TECD six days ago and I'm still working on an update for TFM.
Overall, good update.
Nice quick decision making on Zule, Kass, and Mak's parts.
Good description of the MagnaGuards. I agree, they'd be more effective opponents than the assassin droids due to their CQC capabilities.
Nice to see Rex pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment. Just as nice to see that, though Kass would've gone down fighting with Mak rather than leave him to kill and/or capture the Councilors, she didn't hesitate to do what was necessary and take out the Nationalists. I trust the Nimbus Commando didn't raise the shields in time (which makes sense since he had to takeoff pretty quickly and likely was panicking; plus as Fives showed on Umbara, being an elite commando does not make you a pilot)?
Dammit, Durge. Why not simply burn Stratus alive? Granted, he was in a hurry and likely assumed Stratus wouldn't use his repulsor boots that effectively (which is unsurprising considering how incompetent Stratus was).
Odds are Warble's brain would've been fried rather than set on fire, but good aversion of Harmless Electrocution regardless.
I trust Anakin didn't catch both keycards with the Force due to having to react immediately? Realistic enough.
Assuming the ICBMs were armed with thermonuclear (rather than pure fusion) warheads, I sincerely hope Stratus burns in hell, both for launching the missiles and making Anakin make a Sadistic Choice. He definitely is Che.
9/23/2015 c5 1-1 Marines
It does make sense that Torrent Company would go from about two squads to an actual company in light of having to reorganize the infantry due to losses.
Nice Mythology Gag/in-joke regarding Ventress.
Good description of the tank and Anakin improvising with what he has available (similar to ambushing Grievous's battle group with AT-TEs), though "insure" should be "ensure."
Good job on Warble's part on trying to help, even if Anakin rightfully points out Vaabesh being naïve and not facing reality only makes things worse.
Nice take down of the Nationalist Mooks and the warheads, plus being Genre Savvy enough to hide the bodies/unconscious guys. Considering Anakin tore off a droid's head once in Karen Traviss's TCW novel, snapping a neck would be pretty easy by comparison.
Good way to protect your unmentionables from Zule, Marik.
Some grammar errors, I think (namely Aubrie ordering the troops into battle and Marik responding to Zule's question if anyone heard them), but pretty good as always overall when it comes to grammar and spelling quality.
Considering how the Nationalist grunts were basically cannon fodder in the comic, it doesn't surprise me that none of their weapons are capable of stopping tanks. Nice Reality Ensues in that the Nimbus Commandos MO has become expected and charging only got them cut down.
Nice little Reality Ensues in that Vaabesh was ultimately unable to avoid killing. Considering how hard it is to hit a kneecap compared to the chest, it was unavoidable. Plus there's the issue of dealing with infections even if lightsaber and blaster wounds are cauterized.
Good to see Gillmunn being decisive. Similarly, it seems Vabeesh ended up realizing that sometimes you have to take some lives to save many more. Hell, he didn't exactly mind Zule losing it in the comic on the basis that she was still on their side/desperation.
Unfortunately, Ventress killed a good portion of the Loyalist Militia, fatally injured Vaabesh, and cut down Gillmunn. Not only are good soldiers dead, but they have one less Jedi and undoubtedly Gillmunn's death will impact his troops, Nolan, and the surviving Jedi.
Considering how Kanan in canon was clearly in pain from his arm being slashed and said limb was armored in Rebels, Ventress's unarmored back being sliced is cause for her to retreat.
On an unrelated note, Ahsoka's comment on the Senate Guard being incompetent comes off as disrespectful in light of "A Friend In Need." Assuming all TCW episodes happened in your headcanon, she basically left Taggart and his men to hold off the droids while running away with Lux instead of having R2 fly him away and fending off the droids with the Guard (which could've happened considered R2 can fly ships on his own fine, and Ahsoka helping the Commandos would've reduced or perhaps even prevented casualties). Hell, them being Redshirts can be explained by the fact the Commandos are essentially a SWAT team, not actual soldiers. Also, while not as bad as R2 surviving a Venator exploding, Cad Bane should've been shot in the back rather than warned by Denal (which is even more grating since unlike the Commandos, Denal was a clone, and even if he wanted to take him alive he would've used a stun round).
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