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for Romeo and Juliet (only this time they live)

4/27/2016 c41 kira
No please don't stop Xela is to cute to die out
4/26/2016 c41 2Bloodsucking Demon
But I want to know how it ends!
3/25/2016 c36 1E-teens
Great job. I'm beginning to love Lae fighting Xavier it's kinda cute like percabeth
2/19/2016 c20 29Sakura Lisel
Wait nobodys going to ask Leslie what happened to her? Like WHY and HOW is she 'suddenly' a vampire? Like did she get attacked by one, or some kind of creature inheiritance their family has that decided to suddenly just 'wake up' in her? What? *lol*
2/19/2016 c10 Sakura Lisel
Okay... I wonder what the mom and dad want NOW? Seeing how they treated her in the days before she FINALLY left for school, with them 'forgetting' her name and referring to her as 'witch' or 'freak' instead, suddenly daddys using her name again in his letters and supposedly the two of them want her home for the holidays? *lol* If I were Lae, I'd be REALLY suspicious now.
2/19/2016 c3 Sakura Lisel
Okay... unless her parents KNEW about the whole magic thing already, why the heck did the dad react that way, turning from the seemingly loving father to BOTH his daughters (with the way he burst out laughinh about the moms dress comment) to turning hateful and mean, and the mom saying that she HAS to go?

Plus seeing what the family DOES for a living, how does being a witch make her freakier than THEY are? *lol* I'd think they'd want to take advantage of the whole witch thing because of the potential possibilities having a magic user in the family could bring. *lol*
2/10/2016 c31 1E-teens
This renewed my love for the Harry Potter series.
1/31/2016 c30 2Thou Art My Fart
It can't wrap up the year what if she runs into Xavier. Ooh you should totally do that
1/23/2016 c29 Thou Art My Fart
I don't care if this is rude but
That was my favorite character in the entire trilogy
10/22/2015 c23 1E-teens
I was kinda hoping you would add some more james destroying snape and sirus and lupin
Also please don't leave huge time gaps I don't want this to get over
10/4/2015 c19 E-teens
D'awwe I really wanted to see Lokar's reaction to Xavier
9/20/2015 c16 kira
Awesome work Love the familie's reaction
9/19/2015 c15 E-teens
Nice you have such brilliant ideas :)
9/15/2015 c14 E-teens
Awe that is so cute I love this trilogy HP and RCTK are like my favorites
9/10/2015 c12 E-teens
Hey awesome job. Your really talented. You write Leanna 's pov really well, is she your OC?
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