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4/17/2016 c12 3Theresa F
I finally had a chance to finish reading. It was a really good story and like the other two I so enjoyed reading it. The ending was sad and happy all at the same time and seemed to feel just right.
Even though I have seen and own much of the work of Bob Peck, who was and is still one of my favorite actors, I still not have been able to write anything involving any of his characters even though I do think about it. I do wish I had been living in England while he was doing stage work since most of his work was there.
I do hope you will come back to Muldoon and write some more stories about him.

10/27/2015 c8 217VisualIDentificationZeta
Sadly had a pretty accurate feeling about how this story would end. Luckily I held off on reading it and getting emotionally invested before it either ended or proved me right. Really sad, because I liked Muldoon and he and Lucy made a great couple.
9/6/2015 c6 3Theresa F
I feel so bad for Lucy and Robert things are just going crazy in their lives with probably the worst to come with the storm and tour. Maybe they will somehow save the day and get the hell off the island!

Can't wait to read more.
8/27/2015 c5 Theresa F
Been busy but I'm slowly getting caught up... I do hope now that I have caught up with this story that a new chapter will come soon!
8/16/2015 c4 Theresa F
I finally got the time to read your new Muldoon story here. It is so far a really good story, a lot of great emotion strain for Muldoon even with Lucy being so positive and loving for him. However, you keep throwing those little notes of that this is not going to have a "happily ever after" ending to it.
Can't wait to read more :-)

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