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3/11/2019 c3 Iron Frost
7/29/2017 c2 Autum Dragonflame
(This is actually Autumn, I just don't think it will let me review with my user.)

Great chapter! I was really surprised at Darren! Alex is still my favorite though!

I eagerly await further developments!
4/2/2016 c7 1Autum Dragonflame
Aww, I will miss this. . . but I understand what you mean. I too want to develop my skills so that I may share my tales with the world. I hope you reach your goal and then soar above and beyond! If you would like any help, I would be glad to do my best to aid you.

Never stop believing in yourself!
1/8/2016 c6 18Valledorthedragon
Sorry I'm only just reviewing this! I'm so so so so so so so sorry! I've just been so busy with work then Christmas then I lost the link and forgot about it and I've only just remembered what a terrible person I've been not reviewing it yet! Anyway I loved this! The interactions are brilliant and I love he varying levels of how well people know each other. And did I spy a few sneaky comments with a few casual 'drop it's in there? Ooh mysteries- can't wait for them to get more intense
12/31/2015 c2 Silly girl
Great chapter...but ya I'm gonna try not to kill u the next time u see u
12/14/2015 c6 1Autum Dragonflame
Awww, poor Alex doesn't know how to let his feelings out. Must have inherited that from Elsa. . . Soooo, great chapter, can't wait for the next!

Never stop believing in yourself!
12/6/2015 c5 Sillygirl
Ok I'm your best friend so I know you're really busy but please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please update soon :p
11/27/2015 c5 Autum Dragonflame
Hmm, I REALLY like Deric Death. He sounds cool, and funny. If I had to give you any constructive criticism, it would be to find some new and creative words to use.

Never stop believing in yourself!
11/14/2015 c4 MudMaskFacial
Nice chapter but you might want to get the ball rolling a little bit. Introductions are nice but not very eventful if you know what I mean. I know not every chapter can have someone coming out of the wood works and posing as a threat to the good guys and I know what you're doing. Setting the tone. Keep up he good work!
11/14/2015 c4 Autum Dragonflame
My favorite is most definitely Alex. I don't know about my least favorite though. / Can't wait to meet Lucas Rider! Undoubtedly Flynn/Eugene's son. What happened to him an' Punzie anyway? Was that explained? I can't remember.

Never stop believing in yourself!
10/19/2015 c3 4Suicide Forest
But the plot... must come soon... ;
10/18/2015 c3 1Autum Dragonflame
AHHHHHHH! Okay, I LOVE this story! Also, I have a BROTHER named CALEB!

Never stop believing in yourself!

10/18/2015 c3 MudMaskFacial
Welcome back. The chapter was short but writers block does take a toll on everyone so that's ok. My favorite part was when Mary walked in. So funny. Keep up the good work!
9/15/2015 c2 4Suicide Forest
Are you gonna add to this? 4 ur 1st ff its pretty good!
9/12/2015 c2 1racetrackhigginsofficial
This is a great story! I was a little hesitant to read it because I'm a die-hard Jelsa fan, but Alex exists, so I'm reading. I love the relationships between characters, and those are some Maximum Ride-worthy comebacks. Can't wait to see what happens next!
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