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8/20/2015 c2 18Valledorthedragon
Hmmm more character and more interesting developments okay so first thoughts on them I don't condem any character unless I understand them completely and Alex is a very curious person (always the cold ones who hide away that somehow draw slight more attention) lily is just so open and innocent which is really sweet and I love how different the two are and yet she still tries to stay with him Henry again quiet but not in the way that draws attention still I know that means he's not to be discarded so I'll have to keep an eye on him Mary very fiery and quick to speak her mind a lot like her mum butter way she's so protective of those close to her means there's a lot more to her than just being fierce Brianna typical cold bully you can tell she's related to pitch froms the way she talks it sounds just like him not quite sure what to make of Darren yet but no doubt I will soon.
Yeah I got all of that already- that's how good the story is. Don't sell yourself short- this is AMAZING
I am not lying. I can't wait to see how everything progresses (and I wonder if or how their parents will come into play besides the obvious (elsa) )
Okay massive massive analysis over... I think I should sleep now.. Phew (its midnight anyway so yeah) can't wait for more absolutely loved it. Goodnight
8/20/2015 c1 Valledorthedragon
Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. And did I mention I love it? really great! The way you mixed the appearances and threw in subtle bits of info without saying it outright and gave the kids their own unique personalities was all incredible Id say more and go on about the beauty and how much I love this chapter but another one is calling me and I can't bear to wait any longer- see you there (hoping elsa was first cos I don't want to think he cheated in Punzie) okay actually going now. Bye.
8/17/2015 c2 1Autum Dragonflame
Lol! Okay, so this is quite a group! Let me guess, four good guys and two bad? I sense some fights and crushes.

Never stop believing in yourself!
~Autum Df.
8/14/2015 c2 4Dedicated
Wow. What a way to start off. I think it's great. Course you're right Alex is a jerk. XD But a character must be a character and I think it's fabulous. I like how everything is going already. I already see some friendship happening but I think I'll keep my thoughts a secret... JK I can't! Obviously Lily (whose name I think is perfect for such a happy go lucky person), Alex, Henry, and Mary will be the next Big 4! Oh it'll be great they'll all be friends, hang out together, meet new people, run into problems. Alex of course will keep to himself but secretly he'll enjoy the company of others. I don't think this is the last of Brianna and Darren so I wish the new Big 4 good luck! Eventually Alex will warm up to Rapunzel and need her like a mother. Alex and Mary will have this love/hate relationship that Jack and Merida have and Lily and Henry will obviously be just like Rapunzel and Hiccup. OH! I know you made Anna and Kristoff together so does that mean at least one of their kids will have FIRE POWERS?! Think of it this way, Anna could never embrace her fire powers because she had some white ice blocking it. I assume this comes after Frozen or something so now that Anna is free of that inside ice, her fire powers will shine through! Oh and Mary possibly would have them as well. I REALLY hope Elsa doesn't come back and try to take Jack. I would die. If- WAIT A MINUTE! THE DESCRIPTION! ELSA DOES COME BACK AND ALEX AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL HAVE TO DEFEAT HER! OMG Mind Blown! It'll be like the movies where Alex has to make a desicion: Go with his own mother? Or the new lady that married his father? This of course will be either before or during the time he's growing close to Rapunzel. He'd either say 'Mom (meaning Elsa) I'll join you.' And then be evil OR he'd be like 'Mom I'll join you just don't hurt Rapunzel and/or Lily.' Elsa being Elsa will hurt them anyway even if Alex does join her and he'll say 'Mom! What did you do!' And then go to the good side. OOORRR Alex will simply say no BUT Elsa will go after him, injury him, possibly nearly or even kill him, resulting in Rapunzel or Lily (yep Lily) having to use healing hair powers. It'll be great. This story has lots of potential and I can see it going far. Since I'm assuming you're new, leave an author's note at the beginning and maybe the end of the chapter to keep everyone involved. Ask questions like what did you think and stuff like that. Maybe inform people of what's to come cliff hanger style so we wait on the edge of our seats. You don't have to just a suggestion. Sorry for writing an essay of a review and happy writing! Oh and welcome to the club!
8/15/2015 c2 15Nyx Starlight
It's a good start, maybe work on grammar a bit, but I think you're on track for a good story once you get introductions past. Overall, good start, your work is a lot better than some author's I've viewed. Keep up the good work! :D
8/15/2015 c1 2xSecrets-Frostx
This is really good! Keep up the good work I can't wait for more :)
8/12/2015 c1 silly girl
I thought was one of the best things I have ever read in fanfiction you have to be like my number 2 favorite book in the crossover series can't wait to see you next post please hurry and don't give me waiting my name might be silly girl but I'm very impatimpatient
8/12/2015 c1 silly girl
I thought it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more!:) ;)
8/12/2015 c1 5Luna-Rose Lestrade
I don't know what you were talking about. This seems really interesting so far. I'd love to know more about these characters. You've intrigued me with the issues from past and animosity between the two characters from the onset, I'd love to see how that turns out. Keep going! -LRL
8/12/2015 c1 1Autum Dragonflame
Lol! This is going to be an interesting story! Alex and Lily's personalities clash in just the right way. I have always loved the colder people. Personality and temperature wise. I know he's probably supposed to be a jerk, but I like him so far.

Keep up the good work!

Never stop believing in yourself!
~Autum Dragonflame
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