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7/19/2021 c1 Tempest111
Please update this amazing story! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks Tempest
11/13/2017 c7 Ahugefan
I hope you didn't abandon this story, out of all Fairy tail pirate stories this one is definitely the best, and the most plausible one. I hope you continue this soon.
10/9/2016 c7 Guest
Being a while... chapters so far are really great, I do hope you are going to continue this story. So, while thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all the fun your writing is providing me with, I beg you to update soon! ;-) and this is the best pirates AU I've ever read.
9/21/2016 c7 Guest
Please update, your story is very unique and I enjoy it thoroughly,cthough I would recommend spending more time of the "erza chasing jellal" side of the narrative
6/13/2016 c7 Sarabi
Och, yeah! You alive~ ** Aww, Jellal and "Fairy" is cool. So Jellal and Erza meeting in new chapter? Pliss, yes. Pliss, yes C;
6/10/2016 c3 57interstellarpirate
I am truly intrigued by your story, but I suggest you get an editor. Some of your sentences are missing words and very broken up, making them not make much sense and it gets confusing... Other than that, I love the idea you have going.
6/9/2016 c7 foxydame
A Cliffhanger T_T
But now we have some idea why Jellal and rest of the crew are pirates it was one mystery up until now.
But I wonder who this 'Her' is that Jellal is talking about...
Overall such an intriguing story:)
Thanks for the update
6/7/2016 c7 Tapperday
Finally! I freaking love this fic and you almost made me give up on it. I know you have a life but think of the poor readers and update!Glad your back btw.
1/17/2016 c6 Guest
Sounds like Jellal wants to do more than just dance with her
*wiggles eyebrows*
I'm guessing somehow she'll cross paths with him again and he'll take her ship prisoner ?
Or is she in fucking pig shit now with the council? :S if so, can she recruit mirajane and Juvia when she goes back out?
1/16/2016 c6 Anemone102
Nice chapter. Can't wait until the next update :) This is such a unique story. There are a few Jerza pirate fanfictions out there but yours is, to be put simply, amazing. ~Anemone
1/16/2016 c6 Sarabi
Ok, my English is bad... Pliss you translate this:
Tak, jest nowy rozdział Uwielbiam to, że jednak wciąż piszesz o piratach ( ten motyw jest tak żadki ;; ). To jak Ty przedstawiasz postacie i ich emocje oraz łączenie ich wontków, aby mogli się spotkać. Genialne! No i tak flirt Żelka, a ta nic Natsu to dopiero xD Naprawdę poteafisz utrzymać klimat FT **
And I'm love your story 3
1/16/2016 c6 7tortoislume
Nice! I'm excited to see how jerza is gonna happen :3
Well written, interesting story
1/15/2016 c6 Maya
This is super awesome! I love the mix of pirates and Fairy Tail! :D
11/28/2015 c5 Sarabi
Wow.. You story it's very interesing. I'm love Jerza and Nalu in the fic. Pliss continue, I'm reading * *)b
11/22/2015 c5 foxydame
Wow! This story is so well written*speechless*
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