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for Treat house-elves Better!

6/22/2018 c1 Guest
5/19/2018 c1 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good short story and could be made to a longer one with the results of Harry's article. Thanks for sharing!
2/15/2017 c1 Cassandra30
Superb! I would love to see a follow up story about the fall out from this letter.
11/23/2016 c1 KasumiKeiko
Would be nice a sequel into how the WW reacts
9/18/2015 c1 58randomplotbunny
Oh, how I wish this had actually happened!
8/18/2015 c1 7V. L. Crawford
Good Job
8/13/2015 c1 MeinGimli
Nice Story with one BIG Mistake.
Its way too short. I would have liked to read how houselves can turn around a war or even help at the graveyard against tommie-boy and prevent the next war.
8/13/2015 c1 72Mentathial
8/12/2015 c1 Mediatrix
Brilliant! Too bad it's a one-shot because it's so unique. If you ever have an inspiration to continue this I would be interested. I bet the wizarding world would be in an uproar. And I don't think I've ever read a fic where Malfoy is actually caught or convicted after the Chamber incident. And Harry accusing him publicly would open up that can of worms.

Oh, well. Enjoyed this as short as it is.
8/12/2015 c1 InAnnaCat
What a great story! This is a unique idea! I can't wait until the next chapter! Great job! Great story!
8/12/2015 c1 kirsty21

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