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12/4/2019 c29 4Kseniya Che
Oh, my god! I'm like crazy read and read your story, and I cant stop! It's so unussual, full of myths and magic. Thanks for your Thora! I've never read smth like this!
The song is really gorgeous! You openned something new to me.
12/3/2019 c17 Kseniya Che
My heart broke for Dagur
Especcialy after Thora met Caena.
(I'm writing here, but I'm on chapter 22).
12/2/2019 c11 Kseniya Che
The scene with injured leg is my favorite by now.
I wrote my friend (her nickname is Thora:)) about it and we giggled at Hiccup comment "You do remember I'm here, don't you?"
12/2/2019 c9 Kseniya Che
I really love your Dagur and his interaction with Thora. His 'boooring!' I like the most. Typical Dagur. And twins are perfect!
4/3/2018 c59 1Lanostra
Wow. Finally finished the last couple of chapters. This was one of the best stories I’ve read, and I learned so much from it. I’ve always been a sucker for happy endings.
2/20/2018 c59 20Brookie Twiling
wha-whaaaaa-what? no. no no no no no no! That can't be all! Noooooo, I DON'T WANT IT TO END! ...any chance of some outtakes? Maybe the occasional one shot, side story? You know, if you get inspired. I really do love this story. It's brilliant and has a noticeable, yet subtle progression and character developments. You are an amazing writer and I just want to thank you for writing this story. It's been amazing and I really don't want it to end, but all good things must. *sigh* Thanks again, bya!
2/13/2018 c59 26Silversun XD
awesomeness! thank you so much for this story! it was wonderful! XDD
2/5/2018 c58 20Brookie Twiling
Can't wait for everyone's reactions in the next chapter! And I love Tuutiki? Wow, I feel like Tuff, nor sure wha. Great chapter, etc etc etc...
1/21/2018 c57 Brookie Twiling
OH I'm loving this pairing so much, this story is one of my absolute favorites! Am eagerly looking forward to more Dagur/Thora/Cæna time!
1/9/2018 c56 Guest
WHY DO WRITERS LOVE CLIFFHANGER- hang on, wait, haven't I used that one before? Eh, either way WHY DO WRITERS LOVE CLIFFHANGERS?!

So close, yet so very, very far. Loved this chapter by the way, a lot action and stoof happen'. Dagur's a little stupid from bloodloss me thinks, wait, hang on, no sorry; he's always this oblivious. My bad!
1/8/2018 c56 26Silversun XD
12/28/2017 c55 20Brookie Twiling
Okay, I'll admit; I skipped 'bout five chapters before this, seemed too boring (pretty much anything with Dagur or the twins is boring ta me). So if I missed somethin' important; ma fault. But I do think this story is very good and I've learned loads o' things I ain't known before t'anks ta it!

I love the noticeable character/relationship developments and how original it is. Can't wait for Thora to meet up with her men; I just can't wait! :D
11/2/2017 c51 2kalessinsdaughter
Gods, I can't wait for the next chapter!
I like how you write Heather - she doesn't get much character development in the TV-series, but you flesh her out nicely.
10/11/2017 c43 kalessinsdaughter
Seriously, this is the best HTTYD fanfic I know. Thora is such a great OC, gritty and real. And the characterisation is sooo good.
And thank you for letting us know Dagur is alive, although not very well. A case of amnesia?
Can't wait to read up on the rest of the chapters, and eagerly awaiting new ones.
10/1/2017 c49 1Lanostra
What a heartfelt chapter
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