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10/27 c43 1Twisted Pxl
I myself don't think it is Naruto. I personally think it will be Kakashi or a Hyuga. Any others that have one of the 3 fabled Doujutsu wouldn't be ready to take the seat anytime soon. Plus it would take longer than what Tsunade wants to be as the interim Hokage.
10/20 c43 KidTrapp
Kakashi my guess
10/20 c43 HurZysn
Looking forward to next chapter
10/17 c7 HurZysn
okay I like it so far and it's different so I'll definitely be reading it more and looking forward to more updates
10/17 c1 de king de kao
First off great story, I'm definitely hooked. In regards to the pairing I think u should probably do what's best for your story but since were voting I think sasuhina makes more sence. But u should definitely think about a second level for the byakugan so hinata doesn't get left behind
10/16 c43 1MageVicky
good chapter! can't wait to see who gets chosen to be hokage! especially if my first two guesses are wrong, haha
10/15 c43 1ssj3gohan007
Another brilliant installment! Great job! Well done! I am dying to know what happens next! :D I would say that Naruto would be the most interesting choice for the next Hokage
10/15 c43 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Nice! Excellent work! Hope to see more soon!
10/15 c12 sabyen1997
1 ryo is equivalent to 1 penny. I looked it up and the 1 is in the hundredth place, not the tenth, it's 1 penny. Since 1 penny is a hundredth of a dollar. If it was .10, then it would be worth a dime, but since it's .01, it's only worth a penny.
10/15 c43 griffinhunter74
yo i am sooooooooooo glad u updated this dude
10/14 c43 2bloody dragon fang
short and cool
Hey there...

I can only think of three possibilities.. two of which are more likely unless you take a completely different route

1) Kakashi... Certifies all the criterias and had eventually become Rokudaime so may work.

2) Naruto himself... As he needs time and may become the hokage if he was given proper experience and training.

3) Hiashi Hyuga... Now this is something i have never heard of however it may be possible if we go on the assumption that he was close to Minato and is considered to be a great shinobi. He has the dojutsu too.. so may be a possibility as well.

There is a fourth one as well... Danzo but that is almost impossible (you never know where a plot may be taken, well in this case YOU do know)... I mean I doubt Sandaime will allow that...

The most amazing choice would be Naruto i feel... Makes the story more interesting
8/3 c10 damienfarrar10
Good first chapters
7/29 c42 2Yuzuki476
Please update this excellent story soon.
7/29 c41 Yuzuki476
Amazing battle.
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