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for Tale of the Two Gutsy Ninja

8/14 c1 3yuzukikuran476
Thank you for creating this story and please update soon.
8/14 c2 yuzukikuran476
Please update soon.
8/14 c3 yuzukikuran476
Am so glad that Naruto has finally found another Uzumaki member and please update soon.
8/14 c4 yuzukikuran476
Am glad that Tsunade is finally awake and doing fine.
8/14 c5 yuzukikuran476
This story is amazing and I hope that there be more updates coming.
8/14 c9 yuzukikuran476
Great chapter but wait are itachi and akatsuki and Zabuza and Haku and Jiraiya and kushina and itachi and Yahiko really alive and please update soon.
8/14 c8 yuzukikuran476
This story is amazing and please make chapters bit longer with details in it. Please update soon.
8/14 c7 yuzukikuran476
Great chapter and please update soon.
8/14 c6 yuzukikuran476
Thank you Thank you for making this amazing story and I hope that there be more uzumaki' s out there and am so happy that Naruto and Karin and Nagato and konan and some bit with kabuto bring Jiraiya and kushina and zabuza and Haku and some of Akatsuki members back alive and am also hoping that they bring back Mito uzumaki and Rin and Sakumo Hatake and Asuma Sarutobi and Third Hokage and Minato and Hashirama Senjiu and Tobirama Senjiu and Shisui and Itachi and Fugaku and Mikoto and Fu and Yugito Nii and Roshi and Han and Utakata back to alive and it would be cool if Naruto became a girl and be with itachi and will Nagato be back full strength back younger self ? . please do update soon.
4/19/2017 c9 1Artura Uchiha
Please update as soon as possible, this story is amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter.
1/8/2017 c9 1inuyasha16451
Awesome story so far.
12/7/2015 c9 hehe
Psssshhh Oh, you~
I'm completely fine with the NagaNaru (you made me ship it XD) in this fic. Even to the point I wish the pairing would be ItaNaruNaga (w/ Naruto as double uke). Yaaaaaayy for 3-some!

Thanks for the awesome update!
12/7/2015 c9 TigrezzTail
, Hm well at least he found at excuse to vring Tsuande there. Naato probably wouldn't have agreed just from himself.
11/7/2015 c8 12Codename-SN
Woah.. this is amazing! I think it should've received better amount of reviews and follows though. It's really interesting in my opinion. I hope you'll keep up the good work!
10/18/2015 c8 queenofallthingsrandom
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