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for Ghost: Days Gone By

8/29/2015 c12 0.0
Nice story, hope you continue to update. :D
8/20/2015 c4 No. 10
Yes! Another update! The last scene was so cute! I love that side of Ghost! I wonder how he's going to get Levi as a chaos power? Well hope you update soon, I'll be waiting!
8/19/2015 c3 No. 10
Thank you so much for updating! I love how Ghost is deceiving them and how be invaded Levi's dream! Please continue soon I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/14/2015 c2 No. 10
Nice! I'm laughing so hard right now! Ghost is really a great actor! Hope you update soon, this is great!
8/14/2015 c2 40Eternal Nexus Warrior
Yes! Aw heck yeah! Levi as his fourth chaos power? This just got epic! If I had known something like this would happen, I would have been fangirling earlier. Levi is my favorite Attack on Titan character! And the fact he might be a chaos power... *Squeals* I wanna know what happens soon!
8/13/2015 c1 No. 10
AMAZING! This great! I love how Ghost trick them! Please update soon, you have me totally hooked on this story!

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