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for Help and Vengeance

3/8/2020 c1 toile grant
2/26/2019 c1 hi
Great Jesus bless
9/12/2016 c1 manticore-gurl071134
Awesome crossover. would be epic to see in the real life!
6/22/2016 c1 Annie Wallis
Please continue...this is intriguing
11/2/2015 c1 8AdamHeatherly
Both these shows are on nbc take a hint guys
10/18/2015 c1 3foo armando
Is this about red/jane D. ?
10/9/2015 c1 10Maddz2
okay...can I just say...you, are apsolutely brilliant! It could totally happen, and I could see Red doing something like that. So cool.
9/30/2015 c1 LazySay
Nice I hadn't even thought about that, but red would soooo do that!

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