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1/4/2017 c8 13Patronus12

I'm so excited! I'm sorry I haven't read or reviewed in so long- so, so long- but this fic is just as good as I remembered it being. And so much is happening now! I should be doing my homework but this is far more interesting.

Thanks for writing- and for Moriarty! :D

1/2/2017 c12 614fox
Can you PLEASE have Greg, John and Sherlock sleeping together in a dog pile? Pretty please?
1/2/2017 c12 NickNopeDNS
. .here. THIS IS SO DAMN AMAZING! thanks for another awesome chapter, i wait for more!
1/2/2017 c12 1Bambooozled
I loved this! I really hope you do continue this story, it would be such a shame to see it come so far and remain unfinished. I love reading it, and I hope you can find inspiration somewhere. Your writing style is enjoyable to read, and I have loved all your portrayals of the characters so far. I'm very glad to see Mycroft finally appear too! His interactions with Sherlock are one of my favourite things on the show, so I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with that. This is so well written that I think it makes it worth the long wait. Keep it up, hopefully you can get an update done soon!
1/1/2017 c12 JOH1
I would like to read the backstory on Mycroft and Sherlock, and how he became an experiment?
1/1/2017 c12 11summerartist
Oh yay! *purrr* They got away at last. I hope everyone gets seen to. I enjoyed the bickering between Mycroft and Sherlock. I wonder when it will be revealed what Mycroft was doing while Sherlock had been captured and experimented on. I'm thinking he might have been abroad for a long time or held against his will or both. Or perhaps Mycroft didn't even know they were siblings until later. You've given me interesting things to think about. :-)
1/1/2017 c12 67aqaws321

Tbh I was on the verge of telling you that I would trade you a sequel to "Dalton and Dalton" for a chapter of this lol.

This chapter did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the way you made John not trust the man, and also the way John kind of seemed proud of Sherlock staying on top of his game.

Hope your writer's block clears up soon; it can be a real pain :).

Happy New Year!
11/29/2016 c11 NickNopeDNS
my bets are on mycroft and magnussen
11/28/2016 c11 whyarewordssohard
This is one of the best wing!fics I've ever read! Keep it up! :D
11/16/2016 c6 37Fizz the Great
me if some random girl comes over with a bomb strapped to her chest:

me: what the hell?

girl: moriarty has a message for you

me: butt off

girl: moriarty says hi

me: tell him i'll stick a bomb up his a-hole if he keeps bothering me. oh wait, he doesn't have an a-hole. he is an a-hole

girl: countdown, the story scenario is...

me: f*ck off

girl: ...

me: let me do my homework
11/12/2016 c11 giococcinella
yeahhhhhh thank you for the update! Can't wait for the next oneee!
11/12/2016 c11 11summerartist
This one surprised me, but in a good way. Plot-wise of course. I don't like for them to suffer...well maybe a little, that being said Moriarty is really due for some suffering of his own. I liked Moriarty's "pride" in Sherlock's learning abilities. The man is Mycroft! Or at least I want it to be Mycroft and not Magnussen. Though I would settle for Irene in disguise as long as someone gets them out of there. Hee. You continue to add intrigue so well done!
11/12/2016 c11 22Arty Diane
I must say, your solution to their dilemma was quite unexpected! Poor Greg, but least he has a chance...

Moriarty getting into John's head was really scary. His dialogue was funny and disturbing at the same time, good job!

Oooh, a mystery mad, interesting. Please don't tell me it's Magnusen, that would be too much! Though if it's Mycroft, then that would be super interesting...
11/12/2016 c11 Guest
Excellent chapter! Is the Man Mycroft?
11/12/2016 c11 80scrub456
Oh, my friend. I loved this chapter. Your action is well paced, and your John and Sherlock are wonderful together. This was intense and exciting, and nerve inducing all at once.
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