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11/12/2016 c11 2joycelyn.o.ting
Uhhhhhhh I guess Mycroft. :) Great chapter, I love how I immediately got excited once I started reading. c: Doesn't matter if you update late, this chapter was worth the wait! (Wow that rhymed xD)
11/11/2016 c11 67aqaws321
Ahh, just what I needed tonight. Great chapter! And don't worry about life getting in the way, it happens to everyone.
9/10/2016 c10 NickNopeDNS
holy hell, dude! this is so good i cant wait or sleeps and i just aslsldj! this is great awesome amazing all things good! im dying over here! this story is THE BEST! :)
9/6/2016 c10 11summerartist
Oh, I like your Lestrade! I love that he's up to going against Moriarty in any way possible. We have been sticking a lot of dogs in our fics lately it seems. Hee. Good chapter!
9/6/2016 c10 22Arty Diane
You sure know how to leave us on a cliff hanger! You got Moriarty's utter madness quite well, the cheating, changeable blip! Oh dear, that last part where one of Sherlock's companions have to leave...that's bad! I hope after a debate Moriarty decides to change his mind again and everyone would get out of this alive. Moriarty is going to hopefully die of course. }:) He gives me the creeps!
9/5/2016 c10 Guest
Cliffhanger! Don't take too long!
9/5/2016 c10 67aqaws321
Ahhhhhhh, what will happen?

Soooo excited to see an update! And it certainly lived up to expectations!
9/5/2016 c10 80scrub456
Augh. Brilliant, my friend. So intense. And the action is paced so well.

Uhm... I want them not to die. LOL. ;-) (Hey, you asked)
8/25/2016 c9 67aqaws321
AHHH, so good!

I really like this story. It's the first one in the Sherlock fandom that I've really gotten into. The characters and plot are well thought out and extremely well written, and the grammar and spelling (and punctuation!) is great.

Any chance of an update?

P.S. I've found that sometimes, when aiming for creepy, but not over the top, less is more. And by that I mean that a few lines with the right wording are more effective than multiple paragraphs that are over-laden with creepiness and things verging on the edge of an R rating. Hope that helps!
5/30/2016 c9 22Arty Diane
Oh dear, they're in a lot of trouble here, I wonder how on earth are they going to get out of here? You do have a plan for that I hope, it wont be all torture for them, will it? I'm hoping for a happy ending here!

I was so sure it was Bastian who shot John, Mary was really unexpected! You wrote Moriarty and his crew pretty darn scary, good going!
5/26/2016 c9 11summerartist
Poor characters. Moriarty is so sadistic here. I can't wait for someone to swoop in and rescue them. *pictures Mycroft sailing down from the sky with his brolly like Mary Poppins* Mary Morstan is strangely easy picture in this situation. She certainly has that mask on her emotions and it comes through well here. Nice (if painful) chapter. ;-)
5/25/2016 c9 NickNopeDNS
. .amazing. keep writing like this. it's awesome. :) i love it!
5/25/2016 c9 11a-really-angry-sorceress
I love all your improvements! And the ending, gah. So much better, it's an absolutely perfect end to this chapter!
5/16/2016 c8 22Arty Diane
The game went up a notch there! Though we all knew what was going to eventually happen to John, it was still difficult to see him in such pain (you wrote that part very well. You conveyed John's pov perfectly).

You were right, Moriarty /is/ creepy! I'm both scared and can't wait to see what he ha in store for them.
4/29/2016 c8 giococcinella
amazing story! can't wait for more!
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