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for Wings on the Battlefield

4/23/2016 c8 11summerartist
Oh wow, this one had me at the edge of my seat. First John getting his infamous war wound and then John being abducted. It's just not John's day, is it? I wonder what your Moran will be like. I'm curious. Great addition to an already great fic!
4/18/2016 c8 NickNopeDNS
Beautiful. Please, keep writing. I want more of this amazing story! :)
4/15/2016 c8 5RoseJustice
*sniffles* ...It was so short...I mean, I liked it, of course...but it was so short...I've waited and waited and almost thought this story was dead...I can't wait for another chapter! I gotta know what happens next! I gotta! I wanna see John go all BAMF!y on Moriarty! I wanna see Sherlock rip the guy to pieces! I want BLOOD. Lots and lots of Moriarty Blood.
4/15/2016 c8 PBIceCream
Whoaaaa, Nellie! Talk about Sod's Law in action, eh? Intense and riveting chapter, thank you!
2/23/2016 c7 14Tairulz
I love this story so far, it's really interesting to read! :)
I can't wait to see what happens next
2/14/2016 c7 11summerartist
The sad and difficult hug pulled at my heartstrings. Don't let him start ripping out any feathers, John! It reminds me of the way parrots get if they're kept too long in captivity. Also, there are so many reasons why Sherlock's meltdown makes a lot of sense, so he doesn't seem OOC. He's been out of contact with emotionally stable people like John and Lestrade for a long time, not to mention any flashbacks he has interfering with everything. All in all, a good and accurate chapter, SeƱorita.
2/13/2016 c7 22Arty Diane
Since this Sherlock has had such a different past from the Sherlock in the show and has practically been isolated, I think we can't expect his reactions to be the same as the Sherlock in the show. Besides, Sherlock as never faced such a situation in the show. The old lady wasn't killed in front of him, and the guy who was killed in front of him in TGG was a killer whom Sherlock had had no contact with before, very different from an innocent little girl.

The chapter was emotionally heavy, but I think it's good that the trio are trying to build up a relationship with each other. I must say, I sort of expected John to be the one who comforted Sherlock, but I guess Greg is more emotionally mature and more the emotionally supportive type?
2/6/2016 c7 NickNopeDNS
Seriously soooooo awesome! I love it! Keep up writing like your magnificent self always does! :)
2/3/2016 c7 13Patronus12
Okay, I definitely feel bad for Sherlock now.

His OOC nature isn't bad- it's interesting to see how Sherlock turned out after a different past than the one on the show. And while his emotions are heart-breaking, I think it was necessary to move the plot along. Again, interesting.

Excellent chapter! Thanks for writing :)

2/2/2016 c7 PBIceCream
OOC? In my humble opinion, no. After seeing the Mind Palace scenes in His Last Vow and The Abominable Bride, we know he's capable of intense emotion, though he rarely lets it out (plus, the moment in The Great Game where he seems to be affected by the old woman's death, at least presumably).

Superb chapter, thank you!
2/2/2016 c1 JDM
I'm impressed. You really included a lot of detail, and the exchanges between your characters were well thought-out and convincing.
1/29/2016 c6 11summerartist
No no no no! In other words, very well written. Moriarty is despicable. You certainly captured that. You had me hanging on every word and you brought John's compassion through well.
1/29/2016 c6 13Patronus12
OMG HYPERVENTILATING! Moriarty's finally doing stuff it's so exciting! I love this story so much :D

Thanks for writing!

1/29/2016 c6 5TakedaEmo120
It's good. :)
1/25/2016 c6 22Arty Diane
Wow, that was an emotionally heavy chapter. I really liked the case/puzzle, it was interesting. You wrote the stress of the situation really well, all the characters' dealing with the situation was done beautifully. The end was really sad though, especially the way it ended for the messenger, I agree with John, it was totally unfair. :'(
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