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8/31 c1 Purgatoryblaze
Isn't he a prodigy why is he graduating at 12? Itachi graduated at 7 and Kakaskhi at like 5-6 years old this is dumb bye
8/25 c3 RengokuWolf
Yeah you lost me at the CRA for one the CRA is of clans from Konoha and the Uzumaki clan is not from Konoha even if Kushina did bring it to Konoha it was only her in it therefore it isn't a clan. Namikaze isn't a clan either seeing as Minato was from a civilian family. Naruto didn't get anything worth the CRA from either. His children will only be 25% Uzumaki (unless he procreates with another Uzumaki). Even if you make a debate about the kekkei genkai Wood Release is not hereditary seen with Tsunade seeing as she can't use Wood Release like her grandfather. So there would be no point in putting him in the CRA. The only reason you did it was the justify the harem. He also didn't get his mothers chakra chains and Minato didn't have a kekkei genkai either so you lost a reader. Good Day.
8/19 c32 DK Sri
Waiting for next chapter
8/10 c32 ThreeKerr
update pls
8/5 c32 Vonta01
Please update
7/24 c32 1GouberMan
Great story so far and yes I agree with the other reviewers, on that you have shifted too much focus to Menma and others. I understand he is a big role in this fic but it is a Naruto story.
7/6 c32 6Bloody Relight
Naruto mabui btw.
7/5 c25 Bloody Relight
Nice now he can get the susanoo no? I liked the fight last chapter too your power scaling is excellent as Naruto did not even struggle until obito showed up. Alot of authors are inconsistent with power scaling as a way to generate tension or stick closely to canon glad to see you are taking risks and avoiding that pitfall.
7/3 c13 Bloody Relight
So I stuck around after my last review and I am glad that I did so after the first prologue chapters the fic started to get really good and you have done a good job so far since my last review showing off Naruto' s guilt for the loss of his teammate so I was wrong it would seem in calling him a monster. I will continue reading please keep up the good work!
6/26 c30 Vonta01
From everything I’ve seen so far this version naruto is stronger than cannon naruto
6/25 c1 Bloody Relight
Well he sure got over the death of his teammate and friend rather quickly... and the. he started flirting not even a minute later what a disgusting contemptible monster.
6/25 c28 Vonta01
Who would be stronger at the end of the story naruto or Menma
6/24 c12 Vonta01
I do feel like Naruto is breaking the bro code by I am his bro mom in the future
6/20 c32 heksufneb
update? you kinda left us on a cliffhanger when it was getting good, and to be honest, I kinda wanna see the threats that Itachi or Sasuke makes towards Naruto.
6/18 c32 santitolemanya
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