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for How the Two Potters Changed Everything

10/24/2016 c9 Elfin69
I am so glad that all Dumbledore's plans are being found out and going down hill and hope that he will not find them again.
10/24/2016 c8 Elfin69
So will they have to actually team up to defeat Seiryu or will Yusuke be able to handle him?
7/29/2016 c3 Sir StalkingWarrior
I know I'm a lil late in the reviewing, just began reading the fic but yes a Yusuke, Jas, and Jin pairing would be amazing! could you also throw hiei into the mix with kurama and harry/koronue? I'm enjoying this fic very much. I hope your able to update soon, I only have 7 more chapters to read and I'll be caught up and eager for more! :)
6/19/2016 c1 concerned review
why did you not put "OC" as one of the main character slots? there are four of them, and there doesn't seem to be a reason for Atsuko to have the slot. seeing as Jasmin isn't a canon character in either verse, it's slightly misleading. if people want to avoid OC's they tend to choose the OC option for the excluded character, and you're going around that by not implying that your oc is a main character, even though she apparently is more important than her brother in your eyes.
6/17/2016 c3 demonix19
Is it ever going to be from Harry's POV? This story seems very O.C centric with only brief mentions of Harry to remind the readers that he is in the story, or at least that is what I'm seeing so far. If that is the case next time please but it in the summary, its very misleading with the reader thinking the story wil be about Harry and kurama when it is really about jasmine a d yusuke. Sorry to rant but I'm a little disappointed, I was really excited when I read the summary.
6/17/2016 c10 GoddessDana
Really great chapter! : )
6/17/2016 c10 1reveress-plegue
Awesome more please when you can
6/16/2016 c10 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it a lot! **
6/16/2016 c10 7Pixiecropse
more must have more i'm loving it
5/28/2016 c9 loretta537
this is a good story, i'm glad to have found it
4/22/2016 c9 moon kitty 87
I don't see many hp/yyh xovers of this length. I'm happy to see one that updates fairly regularly and look forward to you updating it. Could you post a picture of Jasmin and her outfit?
4/2/2016 c9 GoddessDana
This was a really great chapter I just love the news article... it made Rita look good too! : )
3/31/2016 c9 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it! **
2/12/2016 c7 Elfin69
Bet the Mouse was actually a decoy or a warning system.
1/25/2016 c8 3Mumia0813
Lol I like the omake, but anyway great story when you gonna come out with the new chapter?
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