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for A Cadmean Victory

6/24 c1 Terraletta
Excellent story, clever plot. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it.
6/24 c58 Angel Avidore
The reviews posted to this story are bloody hilarious! The amount of hate on this story is honestly ridiculous considering its easily one of the best fanfics on the site, at least in terms of plot. Don't like, don't read, people!
6/20 c27 fhippogriff
Great phrase: tears of ebony

I'm really enjoying your story.
6/15 c85 Guest
For me Fleur and Harry aren't relatable as a couple because you keep throwing Katie in there and Bill Weasley
6/15 c84 Guest
You need to start looking up your homophobes before you write because you always choose the wrong one.
6/15 c80 Guest
Well you certainly set a personal record for grammatical errors in this chapter
6/16 c103 tomascatts
So...WTF...you killed Hedwig in that horrible way, for nothing? Gotta say this was a shitty shitty ending.
6/16 c99 tomascatts
Too bad Neville turned out to be such a wuss. When it's them or you best for it to be them. And dead is dead doesn't matter how they get dead.
6/14 c68 Guest
I really like the way you've written Gabrielle. But her age just doesn't seem right, it's more like she's nine or ten, the way she acts I mean.
6/14 c60 Guest
What's floor powder?
6/14 c59 Guest
I despise writers who write scenes like this just to elicit an emotional response from the readers. Dobby's death had absolutely nothing to do with moving the plot along. Harry already hated Umbridge and was getting ready to deal with her.
6/13 c44 Guest
They should have told Boot and Smith to get the hell out.
6/13 c36 Guest
Well you're certainly butchering the English language.
6/12 c30 Guest
Your Harry is an idiot. Pick a fight underwater with a guy 3 years older and far more experienced.
6/12 c28 Guest
It's really stupid that he is not just using gillyweed.
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