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for A Cadmean Victory

13h c11 Han Is DEAD
the ending quote is so cringe xD. don't get me wrong, it's fit in context but why do you pick such cringe quote.
11/24 c20 3LoneWolf0729
They Are really good. This the third time I'm reading your story. It's pretttty amazing.
11/24 c9 vbbeast
Love this. Thank you :)
11/22 c104 2HPMARIE
Amazing story!
11/21 c85 Acheron
Because everyone(myself included), want to believe themselves to be the absolute paragon of virtue, rather than what we really are: selfish, narcissistic people, who want to be able to do whatever the fuck they want, with absolutely no negative consequences whatsoever.
11/21 c9 Druto
Hungary Latvia
11/21 c8 Druto
Moving ahead
11/21 c6 Druto
11/20 c103 B145
It's a tragedy huh?...
I thought Harry would live
I hate this ending
11/20 c5 Druto
Harry seems mentally ill
11/20 c4 Druto
Abra kadabra Alakzam
11/20 c3 Druto
11/20 c2 Druto
11/20 c1 Druto
My oh my what an intriguing start
11/18 c6 silversnitch4765
What is with all the references to Tom Riddle? They make no sense, calling TomRiddle his predecessor is far fetched. How did Harry learn anything from Tom? They spoke for about two min, two years prior to his current time.
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