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for A Cadmean Victory

26m c34 zachariahm
Wasn't expecting that death, it's a shame, I liked this version of him a good bit.
5/13 c103 Guest
It’s a wonderfully rare thing, a story that can make you cry every time you read it. I’ve read this at least 5 times. And I cry more with every read. I love it.
5/13 c77 1cccyrus
Again very time fleur is with him he instantly becomes 75% weaker and a total pushover lol
5/13 c77 cccyrus
He seriously gets taken down by Katie’s mother lol your powerscaling is shit
5/13 c75 cccyrus
Says no to being the head of house black... yeah author your ducking retarded for that lol
5/13 c66 cccyrus
Every scene with fleur he becomes a big push over lol Jesus Christ
5/12 c104 nightsphinx
I throughly enjoyed reading this. I can't wait to read your other work.
5/9 c69 Guest
God, somethings he does is just stupid. Like tell Sirius, Gabby is the secret keeper. Even assuming nothing comes of it, dumb dumb move.
5/10 c104 DCosmicSage38
Great piece of work, bro. I can only assume that Harry made a horcrux and put it on Hedwig though some things are still confusing. Thank you for sharing it to us, author. I'm looking forward in reading the remastered version of this fiction.

Ps. I've been addicted in reading this story since last week. Worth it.
5/10 c101 DCosmicSage38
Damn he's going in, isn't he
5/8 c21 Neptune
If Harry thinks Peter deserves a fate worse than death, why doesn't he just use Peter as the horcrux sacrifice?
5/10 c96 DCosmicSage38
Memorable scene
5/9 c11 1Violet Chloe Snow
Yeah, there it is. In a really cringe way too.

For someone who doesn't want to be compared to Riddle, Harry's really acting exactly like Riddle.
5/9 c6 Violet Chloe Snow
It's a shame the story seems to be heading in the direction of Harry's friendship with Ron and Hermione falling apart.
5/9 c87 DCosmicSage38
Damn man
I abandon my sleep just to finish this one. I love how you write about the choice of Harry and how you give Snape a chance. I'm very excited for the upcoming chapters.
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