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for A Cadmean Victory

10/15/2020 c104 hooplah
Hmm as much as I love this story I probably wont read a rewrite until it is finished.

I will say that a sequel is the sort of thing that would get me to your patreon page so please come back and post here if you plan to do that.

Would be good to know there's some completely new content to get excited about.
10/15/2020 c104 Guest
So you're saying that you LIED by marking it "Complete" without any Summary text indicating that it's basically "In Rewrite." I know that you're going to say the new version is "right there" on your profile, but what about those who don't go through your profile first?

Seeing the entry as Status:Complete among a list of recent updates, the result list from a Search, (likely most often) anyone checking their own profile's "Favorites" listing? Any of those only gives you the Summary text, the status flag and a direct link to the story. Follow that link and start reading and you're just going to get very angry when you get through ALL THOSE Chapters, probably several days later, when you fall off the "Terminal Cliffie" on finally reaching the last posted non-"Chapter" (it being the only in-story rewrite notice).

Just saying, be kind to your potential readers and put an indication in the Summary text. That way if they still decide to read the original story, not knowing about the rewrite, when they still get mad at the "Terminal Cliffie" then you've done all you could and their wasted time (or whatever) is entirely on them. Were only talking about few words ("REWRITE IN PROGRESS, posting separately") and a few minutes to update the summary text and you can be sure anyone's angst is all on them. ;-)
10/15/2020 c103 Archer957
ok ok fanfic said you deleted this im glad to see it lied! one of my favorite harry potter fics and overall fics on this site!
10/15/2020 c104 Argonautt
so you want us to go to an emotional roller-coaster again! you Monster!, i like it . looking forward to seeing remastered chapters
10/15/2020 c103 Zarroc789
Hope to see the sequel get written. Love this story.
10/15/2020 c104 sophietheginge
You gonna post it to Ao3 by any chance?
10/14/2020 c27 3jrm0220
I'm a little torn about Harry killing the rat. It's not my favorite thing for Harry to be his executioner, but in this case it is an interesting turn having (hopefully) gotten rid of the soul fragment. I wonder how this impacts Sirius and if he gets his name cleared. Also, the only gripe I have with this fic so far is that there is next to no Snape in it.
10/13/2020 c26 jrm0220
Some friction born out of a misunderstanding. Should make things tougher in upcoming tasks. Right now I'm curious who Harry will need to rescue from the lake. Also, an early showdown with Pettigrew? Will read on with interest.
10/13/2020 c25 jrm0220
Not all that eventful, but having Fleur working out a plan of attack on the upcoming task is still good stuff. That and also a lack of conviction on what to do about kissing Harry is a fun bit of drama.
10/12/2020 c24 jrm0220
A beautiful evening of dancing and intimating, with a mistletoe-induced kiss to serve as the topper. Things are revving up in the romance portion of this story, and it will be quite the thing for our friends to juggle when going through the rest of the competition.
10/12/2020 c23 jrm0220
These two opened up to each other in an impressive way. They have a better sense of the other's loneliness. Harry sees what drives her to compete; Fleur understands his predicament of being in situations he doesn't want. Looking forward to tomorrow's ball.
10/12/2020 c88 Nicthalon
Vultures have bald heads, not crows. Just an fyi.
10/11/2020 c22 jrm0220
All right! A major payoff! They're going to the ball together! It's just too bad that things are still so broken between him, Ron, and Hermione. Also, that basilisk conjuring was way cool.
10/11/2020 c82 Nicthalon
I have no complaint about the single quote. It does seem you use commas in places they don't belong a bit too often, however.
10/11/2020 c21 jrm0220
While this explains why Harry hasn't gone after Pettigrew by himself, I'm still not clear as to why he doesn't tell the faculty about it and let them capture him. Does it have anything to do with his lack of trust in Dumbledore for all his machinations? Anyway, this twist of Ron and Draco ambushing Harry as a group was not what I was anticipating. Hopefully Ron is now going back toward his right mind.
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