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10/2/2015 c7 1medeathecat
I like how you portrayed a complete family unit for SeoHyun. Mother, father, Grandfather and an uncle. Charles is such a good father, and well, Bran is over the top with a new grandchild to spoil. This could sequel over and over.
8/21/2015 c7 13Chaytons Angel

I love this! Such a sweet ending and I can't WAIT for the next 'chapter' in SeoHyun's story!
8/20/2015 c6 Chaytons Angel
You and your 'cliff hangers'! LOL

This story is turning out to be so cute. I adore SeoHyun, but you already know that from the question I asked you in PM about her.

Another well written chapter.
8/19/2015 c5 Chaytons Angel
Woohoo go Mercy! That was awesome. And I admit it, I choked up a bit when they got there and Charles was holding SeoHyun close.

And its to be continued, oooo.
8/18/2015 c4 Chaytons Angel
GAH! That wolf has no idea the trouble he has gotten himself into by grabbing Mercy as well. I needed this update, its been a rough 24 hours for me. My 18 year old is in ICU with pancreatitis, he's in pain, he's sick, and there's nothing mom can do but wait for the IV fluids to make the infection go away. Can't wait to see what happens!
8/17/2015 c3 Chaytons Angel
Oh my god, this.. it brought tears to my eye. First her calling Charles 'Da' and then the reactions form others, including Zee. *hugs SeoHyun* Poor thing. I know they'll find her, I can't see you writing a character that ends up in misery, though I haven't read any of your other stuff yet.
8/15/2015 c2 Chaytons Angel
ACCCKKKKK! Cliff hanger! Oh man, Charles is going to FREAK OUT and kill someone for hurting SeoHyun. Can't wait to see where this goes and how Mercy and Adam play into it.
8/14/2015 c1 Chaytons Angel
Woohoo! SeoHyun is all healed from her trauma, yay! And the summary has me going all O.o wondering what you're plotting! can't wait for more!

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